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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Better to repair than to replace

In some situations. In other situations, it's better to replace than to repair!

But I had to come to some kind of decision about these lower door latches on the motorhome, because if I was going to order new ones I had to give them enough lead time so that they would arrive here before we leave towards the end of next month.

So I decided to remove all nine of them and inspect them. They're really simple to take off...only one bolt.

Outside view while installed.

A couple of them are loose, but they still work fine. I will adjust them a little better so they fit properly. They're actually a very poor design for this application. They should close up against something solid. Instead, they've got them closing up against the weatherstrip and that has worn down over time. 

Seven of them are locking, but the ones that open the generator compartment and the propane compartment are non locking. They're also the two that are exposed to the elements, and the one that has gone bad is the propane compartment.

Inside view.

You can see the corrosion on the white metal.

So, given that they will cost me $55 each plus shipping and taxes, I have done a repair on the one bad one using a two part epoxy adhesive. It likely won't last long, but I will install that particular latch on the generator access door since it is rarely used. 

And the others, I will simply adjust and get another year or two or more out of them. Hey, if they were only $10 a piece I would replace them all. But for $60 a piece I will make them last as long as possible!

Another metal detector is on sale at Amazon this morning. If I could buy one at that price here in Canada, I would. I've always thought that would be a fun hobby for RV'ers!

And in Canada, a very nice men's ring. I wouldn't put much faith in the "original" price, but for the sale price I'd say it's a deal!


  1. I agree better to repair than replace, I do that as much as possible whenever I can.

    1. Yes, you do a lot of your repairs and you do a great job on them, just like Kevin. It also really helps with the pocketbook when you do as many of your own repairs as you can.

  2. I am not sure, but I think you can adjust the size of your photos. I was able to see them, but they are larger than usual and required scrolling sideways to view the whole photo.

  3. man if you could find a sherman wanna be at a salvage yard!

    1. Yep, that would be nice, especially if it had good windshields! :-)


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