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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New 10 year passports!

We received our new 10 year passports in the mail yesterday. Back in 2013, Canadians were finally given the option of buying either a 5 year passport or a 10 year passport. I can't really figure why anybody would buy the 5 year one now.

Unless you're maybe 90 years old. Then perhaps you want to choose the 5 year!

But for the average person, it totally makes sense to have a 10 year passport. Despite the relatively high initial cost of $381 (including photos and postage) for Ruth and I, when it's averaged out over 10 years it's not too bad.

Especially when you plan to use it as much as possible. No point in getting a passport if you're not going to use it!

Nice mug shot huh? 
"Don't smile" they say. Why not? 
The border people don't want you to be happy when you cross?

The old one was getting full.

Our old five year passport had 24 pages. Our new 10 year one has 34 pages. Given that the old one was starting to get full in five years, we shouldn't have any problem filling up the new one in 10 years!

We've been to 24 countries. Should have no problem passing the 50 country mark by the time this passport expires.

The new Canadian passport is an electronic device.

Glad to get that over with. Now we're all set to go exploring. Looking forward to getting our first stamp in the new book when we land in Zurich, Switzerland on November 2nd!

Just what you always wanted...a professional snake catching kit! Good for any medium to large size job!

47" Professional Collapsible Snake Catcher Stick Snake Tongs

And in Canada, finally a good deal on an engine scanning tool. You used to have to go to the mechanic for this kind of stuff, but they've come way down in price now.

Engine scanning tool


  1. It is nice to have the 10 year passport, for us too it was a no brainer.

    1. Yes, we are going to enjoy the fact that we don't have to go through this process again for 10 years! :-)

  2. Evidently Costco is the cheapest place for passport photos in Ottawa!

    1. It isn't the cheapest if you don't have the membership because then you have to purchase the membership before getting the photo done!

  3. My 89 year old dad just renewed his passport (we're going to Scotland in Sept) and yep, he got the 10 year one! Still buys green bananas as well :-)

  4. Just a little curious Where they wouldn't let you in to American immigration in Your New York leg
    How are you going to get from Canada to Mexico when that time comes ??

    1. We have no need to enter the U.S. until late 2017, so I won't apply for my visa waiver until next summer.

  5. Here in the US we have a passport CARD that costs only $30 for ten years. Big catch is, only valid for land & sea travel to Canada & Mexico. However, your numerous otherworldly travels are enticing me to blow the extra $80 (ripoff) for the book when my card expires. If for no other reason than to gloat that ours has 18 extra pages to fill ;)

    1. Yes, that passport card sounds like a deal if aren't going to being traveling any further than Canada or Mexico.

      So glad that our further afield travels are enticing you to explore more of this incredible world. It's not fair that you get more pages than us though! ;-)

  6. With your rate of travel, I bet you'll have the new passports filled up in just a year or two! ;c)

    1. Hardly! We like to take some time to explore these other neat places, so it's definitely going to take the 10 years to try and fill that book. Even then it may be difficult but we are up for the challenge. :-)


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