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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We're going to miss National Wine Day!

So I'm doing some research on the tiny country of Moldova, the least visited country in Europe. And I see that they have a National Wine Day.

Moldova is the 22nd largest wine producer in the world, and they have over 20 million bottles in storage underground. The largest wine cellar in the world is located in Moldova where there are almost 2 million bottles. And do you know where the world's second largest wine cellar is? Yep, it's in Moldova too!

But unfortunately, we're going to miss Moldova's National Wine Day. It takes place in October, and we won't be there until late November, or possibly even early December.


Oh well, there will be lots of wine to be enjoyed while we're there. It seems like every day there is National Wine Day anyhow.

Moldova (in red).

And, there is another important day in October. On the 30th, they have a national election, and there is a pro western candidate, and a pro Russian candidate. They say the race will be very close, so it's an important date for the future of the country. Almost half the population can speak Russian, although many are bilingual and speak Romanian as well.

It will be an interesting time to visit the area.

Oh, and I see that the breakaway republic of Transnistria is in the news recently because Russia has been taking part in military exercises there. Moldova is not happy about that because Transistria used to be part of Moldova until they decided they wanted to be part of Russia.

Moldova is about as torn a country as you can find in the world, politically. Half the nation wants to be western, and the other half wants to be Russian.

Really looking forward to going there!

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  1. Everyday can be national wine day I think.

    1. I agree! Every day is National wine day here! We can't wait for you to get there either.

    2. We agree, why does it need a special day when you can enjoy it everyday! :-)

  2. Interesting wine facts on Maldova:) I am sure there will be some left when you get there:) We enjoy our share of wine and belong to a wine club that ships us wine from around the world and I do not remember getting any from there. Maybe they keep it all for themselves!

    1. We are looking forward to seeing that huge underground wine cellar but first we will have to rent a car!

      You should ask the wine club if they can get some from wine from Moldova. We are excited to try some of their wine out.

  3. Never heard of Moldova, but they get my vote for the best country ever. We LOVE wine. lol

    1. By the time we have visited Moldova and written all about it, you will really know Moldova! :-)


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