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Friday, June 10, 2016

Miss them already

Boy, it sure was fun having Lindsey and the grandkids here for two weeks. They can be a handful, but we miss them already. The house seems just a little too quiet.

Had an email back from Asus, the company who made Ruth's laptop. No idea what they've done to finx the problem, but they're shipping it back to her repaired. At least we hope it's repaired. I guess we'll see whan it shows up next Wednesday.

Sure enough, they lived up to their three day repair time from when they received the product. But while regular Canada Post parcel shipping only took 4 days to get there, it seems that they use Purolator to send it back and it's expected to take a full week. She sure is missing it because she's using her old little laptop that still has XP on it and it doesn't always co-operate with what she wants it to do!

Lindsey had caught a little baby bull snake while she was here, and Cameron wanted to pick it up. So he put on his work gloves and did just that. Too funny...

Our water pump for the park is being obstinate, and I can't figure out what the problem is so the park currently has no water. I spent about two hours yesterday trying to get it going again after moving it up because of the rising water. No idea why it won't go, and its more than a little frustrating. So finally I had to call the guy who knows more about these things than I do, and hopefully he'll be here this morning.

Tana and Graham (our motorhome exchange couple) are living in Sherman and getting used to how everything operates. We'll have a detailed walk around with them this morning just so they're confident in how things work. They had talked about staying a few more days, but then I also heard them say they might leave today, so I guess we'll see. They've got two months, so they're not in any rush. The only things they've actually got booked is the Calgary Stampede. I was looking at tickets, and obviously it's a popular event...but holy cow, tickets for the rodeo now range between $40 and $240. Yikes...I'm obviously out of touch with things. 

They did manage to book themselves a campsite though, at a park that has a shuttle service to the Stampede, and not bad, at $34 a night for electric only.

And, I bought them the Good Sam roadside assistance package as well. For $115 USD, it's peace of mind for them, and they'll do the same thing for us when we're using their motorhome in Spain.

I hope Sherman behaves himself!

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  1. Visiting with the grands is a really busy time but so enjoyable.
    Like you said hope Sherman will co-operate for them.

    1. We really enjoyed our time with them and are already looking forward to visiting with them in Ottawa in October.

      We are pretty confident that Sherman will be a good boy!

  2. RIP to a Saskatchewan hero, Gordie Howe.

    1. Yes, he was definitely a big Canadian icon and Saskatchewan will always have someone to be proud of.

  3. The picture of your grandkids on your banner is so adorable :-) I had no idea it was so expensive to go the stampeded. It had been something that I'd always wanted to do, but at that price, I'd have to think about it twice.

    1. Thanks Ellen. Yes, the grandkids are cuties!

      Kevin said the cheapest seats are $40 and are in the nosebleed section but I guess if they can fill the seats then they can charge those prices!

  4. Replies
    1. We will miss taking those photos and enjoying their curiosity and laughter. Just over 3 1/2 months we will get to see them again though. :-)


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