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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Gjyrokaster, Albania on October 6th.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

They're back...and they're hungry!

Up until Thursday I hadn't seen any mosquitos. Ruth says that she had seen one or two. But I'll tell you, by Thursday morning it seemed as if all the eggs had hatched all at once!

Remind me again...why didn't Noah squash at least one those two mosquitoes??

Now, we can't even go outside without slathering on the bug goop. Must have something to do with the fact that it rained every second day for the last two weeks!

But, at least the sun is shining now.

Yesterday, Ruth and Lindsey took the kids to the Great Sandhills near Leader, Saskatchewan. The kids had fun playing in the big sand dunes, but they said it was pretty windy.

Sadie and Cameron

Yep, it's just a little windy!

If you slide down the hill, you have to climb back up!


Lindsey, Sadie, and Cameron.

Sadie, playing in the sand.

On the way back, they stopped in the town of Abbey where there was a 4-H display happening.

That's a big animal!

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  1. Oh mosquitoes, another reason we like this particular area of southern Ontario very seldom even see mosquitoes at all.
    The sand dunes are fun for the young ones.

    1. Glad you aren't having any problems with the mosquitoes,, we were doing well until a few days ago.

      The kids loved it there except for the fact that it was too windy and the sand was getting in their eyes and mouths.

  2. Hello friends. we are pleased to see and know how they are enjoying their grandchildren. receive warm hug and a warm greeting. we very often remember the days we lived together .. remember that full tummy ..

    1. Thank you Paco and Oty, we are really enjoying our time with our daughter, Lindsey and our grandchildren.

      We are missing you both and remember you know you can always come up here to Canada and borrow our motorhome so that you can see some of our beautiful country.

      Gracias Paco y Oty, en realidad estamos disfrutando de nuestro tiempo con nuestra hija, Lindsey y nuestros nietos.

      Le faltan los dos y recordamos que sabe que siempre puede venir aquí a Canadá y pedir prestado nuestra autocaravana para que pueda ver algunos de nuestro hermoso país.


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