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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A lot of airfare deals!

Wow, there sure are a lot of great airfare deals out there. I check several times per day for our January 1st (or so) flight to Spain to come on sale, but nothing yet because our return flight is in April of next year. Still tons of time left for the right deal to come along though.

But as I watch for the right price point for that deal, I see all these other deals! Like Toronto to Warsaw, Poland for only $360 CAD return! Wow. Anytime you can fly across the pond for under $400 return, it's a fantastic deal.

I think there are so many flight deals out there right now because the world price of oil is still relatively low (at around $48 USD per barrel) and the airlines are experiencing record profits. This has forced them to be come more competitive with each other, and although regular fare prices haven't changed much, there are a lot more short term specials and unadvertised fare wars than there ever were before.

And so of course this is great news for patient airfare shoppers like ourselves!

Kevin, getting off  our flight at Windhoek, Namibia.

Our only problem is that we want to fly out of Ottawa, and most of the deals are for flights originating in Montreal or Toronto. That's okay. If its a good enough deal, we'll make our way to Montreal or Toronto when the time comes. We were really lucky to get our Romania flights for this coming November at $674 CAD return right out of Ottawa. Right now, the best available for that flight is almost $200 higher.

So, record profits for the airlines are finally filtering down to the consumer. You just have to be patient, and watch for the right deal!

Great deal of the day for the ladies today... 40% to 50% off ladies FitFlop sandals...

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  1. I am sure you will pick up more good deals.

    1. We only need to pick up one more good airfare deal for this winter and that will be to Spain and back and no doubt Kevin will find a good one! :-)

  2. I found a March fare Comox to Dublin for $530 return including tax on KLM (sale ends today). Had reservations and everything but in the end we decided that is just too busy a time for our business :( Yes, definitely deals to be had out there.

    1. Yep, that's not a bad one either. I'll bet though if you find a fantastic deal, you'll book it whether it is busy season or not. ;-)

  3. I'd be interested in knowing what websites you use to find good deals. We're flexible about when we travel, but want to fly to BC this fall. All the searches I try you have to put in an actual date. Are some times cheaper to fly than others?

    1. We did a post on this a couple of years ago and Kevin hasn't really changed how he does it. This is the post, www.travelwithkevinandruth.com/2014/05/how-to-get-best-airfare-deals.html.

      Having said that it is harder finding cheap airfare to Canada because our airport taxes are some of the highest in the world especially Vancouver's!


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