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Monday, June 27, 2016

When you see a deal, you have to jump on it!

We've been wearing Merrell hiking boots for quite a few years now. And I wear mine every day, so we've learned that I can get a solid two years out of them before it's time for another pair.

And the last pair I bought was in August of 2014, so I figured I had better keep my eyes peeled for a sale online at some point over the next 3 months.

I didn't expect the deal to come up so quickly, but when you see a deal you have to jump on it!

I had never even been to the Canadian sporting goods website www.sportinglife.ca, until I came across it yesterday. And, a fantastic deal on a pair of Merrel hiking boots!

Regular price of these boots is $250 CAD, and they were on sale for $124.95.


And they're still on sale this morning for any of you guys in Canada that need a pair!

I checked around, and sure enough these boots are $250 at any other store in Canada. I did see them for around $165 USD in the states. So either way, $125 CAD is a great price!

I put them in the cart and was about to check out when I noticed that they have a "buy one, get one at half price sale" and that sale items were included!

I've always wanted a good pair of sandals, but could never bring myself to spend more that $15 on a cheap pair. So I saw some popular Reef men's sandals for $65, and put them in the cart where they instantly became $32.50.


Another great deal!

And then it was free shipping, and only 5% GST...no provincial sales tax.

So, for a grand total of $165.36 CAD ($130 USD), I got a top quality pair of hiking boots, and a decent pair of sandals.

And speaking of fantastic deals, there's an Amazon lightning deal on this morning for anybody thinking of going solar. A great starter kit at a fantastic price. And you can add on to this kit if you feel you need more power...

100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit with 30A PWM Charge Controller

Edit: The above deal sold out quickly. But there's a Renogy solar panel deal almost as good...

Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Solar Starter Kit


  1. Kevin, I've noticed over the last few days that your blog is not updated on Blogger with your daily entries. I have to go to it purposely to find each daily blog. Have others experienced this?

  2. I spoke too soon. It is working perfect now. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I had noticed that as well. I figured it was just a blogger "glitch", but this morning when it still wasn't updating I did some research. I had to reset my feedburner link and re-ping the feed. Why? Who knows...but it seems to be fixed now.

  3. You will love your Reef flip-flops as much as your Merrels. I live in mine all Winter while we are in Mexico. They last twice as long as other flip-flops and they have great support. Cost per mile makes them a bargain. The price you paid was amazing!

    1. Thanks Lone Ranger, that is exactly what Kevin wants to hear. Now we just have to hope that Canada Post doesn't go on strike before they get delivered!

  4. More awesome deals like you always find.

    1. Kevin is always on the hunt for great deals! :-)

  5. Great deal! Honestly, online shopping is the best way to get deals so you can compare prices.

    1. Totally agree as long as you know the product and the correct size when it comes to footwear.

  6. What a deal on Merrell's. These were recommended by our podiatrist.


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