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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stupid. Forgot to put money in the meter!

Took off yesterday morning at 10:30am for the three hour drive to Regina airport with Lindsey and the kids. Uneventful drive, and not the most scenic. The Trans Canada highway is probably the most boring part of Saskatchewan.

We stopped once for lunch at a picnic rest area, and made it to the airport at about 2:15pm with lots of time to spare for their 3:15pm flight.

We had taken a group photo before they headed out...

Kevin, Lindsey, Ruth, Sadie, and Cameron.

Ha...nothing wrong with having a little fun!

Ready to go!

I had a couple of hours to waste prior to Tana and Graham arriving and I had never been to downtown Regina so I took a drive there. Found a parking spot in the shade (it was 32C, 89F) and finished up my leftover lunch. 

While I was eating, a parking patrol bylaw guy was checking meters, and I figured he was going to come over to me. I hadn't put any money in the meter yet, but he never came over to me and instead went the other way.

I had watched a woman park next to me and put some money in the parking meter.

Eventually, I got out of the car, locked it up, and went for a walk.

Downtown Regina.

Okay. Interesting.

A dowtown park.

No stopping?? What to do...?

So I'm out wandering around, and I all of a sudden realize that I never put any money in the parking meter! Stupid! I couldn't believe I had not done that.

I rushed my way back to the car, all hot and sweaty. But fortunately, there was no ticket. At that point, I decided to go fill up the car with gas, and then just head back to the airport and wait in the air conditioned terminal with the free wifi.

Only to find out when I got there that Tana and Graham's flight from Vancouver had been delayed an hour. No worries, I found a comfortable chair and wasted the time away with the iPhone.

They finally arrived and we had the three hour drive back to the park. Lots to talk about because these two are avid travelers who also have a lot of RV experience. Originally from the UK, they now live in southern Spain where they also keep a small motorhome. they've driven American motorhomes before though, having bought one in the 1990's that they used to explore the U.S., and then Mexico for a year.

It was almost 10:00pm by the time we arrived at the park. Ruth had a late supper ready for us, and by 11:00pm everybody was tired and ready to hit the hay!

Nice screen tent is on lightning deal this morning at Amazon...


  1. Good to hear Tana and Graham arrived safely. Hope you enjoy a few days together before they head off.

    1. We have been enjoying our time together but I don't think they are sticking around long. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and if it does it will make it difficult to get out of the park so I believe they are going to leave today.

  2. I thought for sure you were going to say you got a ticket!

    1. Nope but he got your attention, didn't he?! ;-)

  3. Lindsey, I like your "face" the best!(lol)

    1. Yep, it was a good one but I thought Cameron's was the best. :-)

    2. Elaine, Justin thought so also!

    3. Guess I am outnumbered! :-)

  4. Lucky that you did not get a ticket! Glad they are there safely, ready to explore.

  5. Don't beat yourself up, we've all forgotten to put money in the meter. Of course, I wasn't as lucky as you! :c)

    1. He can't believe he didn't have a ticket when he got back to the car! He thought for sure that there would have been one sitting on the windshield waiting for him.

  6. Oh well, been there, done that. No ticket to pay, no harm done! Nice of you to have a late supper waiting, Ruth, for your guests. I'm sure everyone was exhausted. This will be an exciting adventure for everyone!

    1. Kevin was very lucky to not have gotten a ticket but because of rushing back he missed seeing more of downtown Regina.

      I had made a stew in the crockpot, so supper would be ready for whenever they showed up. And, yes everyone was totally exhausted that day.


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