Ruth and Max at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Well, that was a nice morning stroll!

We got up early yesterday morning and drove the 13 miles to the Little Wild Horse Canyon trailhead. Had some breakfast, and then hit the trail right at 9:00am. This is a busy hike, and it was a Sunday so we wanted to be among the first on the trail.

Kevin, in Little Wild Horse Canyon.

For this trail, you have a choice of doing a 3.5 mile return trip hike, or an 8.5 mile loop hike. In typical Kevin and Ruth fashion, we chose the 8.5 mile (13.5 km) loop. This was listed as an introduction to slot canyons, and an "easy to moderate" hike.

And for the most part it was flat walking, but there were sections where you had to squeeze through some fairly narrow slots, and scramble up some rocks. It was a fun hike!

Entering the canyon.

Yep, it's starting to get narrow.

Squeezing through.

Don't get your feet wet!

Good thing I'm skinny!

We were really lucky that we did it early. I can imagine that there must be some traffic jams through this section where other people are coming back through. We only met three other people in this section, and only two were going the opposite way. 

We took some fun videos in here too, but again we don't have the bandwidth available to show them to you. We'll figure that out when we get up to the campground for the summer.

Amazing what the water does to the rocks over the years.

Almost looks like you're in a cave.

Pretty flowers.

One section took us on an old mining road.

And then we looped back around and through the much smaller Bell Canyon.

We never stopped the entire time, except for a slurp of water now and then. We arrived back at Sherman at exactly 12 noon, which meant we had done the 8.5 mile (13.5 km) hike in exactly 3 hours. Not a bad morning stroll!

We then did some driving. Headed towards Colorado, I had read of a great free camping spot just after the border. Had to do a few miles on the Interstate 70, but thankfully it wasn't very busy and the road was in excellent shape. 

So I'm tooling along at 55 mph, and the speed limit is 80 mph. No worries...people have lots of room to pass me. But then we came to a road construction zone that went down to one lane for a couple of miles. The speed limit dropped to 70 mph at that point, but I actually sped up to 60 mph so that I wasn't holding up the traffic too much. I guess Sherman is the only vehicle on the road that has to speed up in construction zones!

On the I-70 east towards Colorado.

Welcome to Colorado!

Just off the Interstate as you enter Colorado is the Rabbit Valley Recreation Area. It's BLM land, and there are three actual campgrounds here, plus a lot of dispersed camping. All free! The campgrounds arent really set up for bigger units, so we're once again thankful that Sherman is a decent size.

The road in is a little rough. But nothing Sherman can't handle!

Parked up for the night at GPS 39.17642, -109.02142

Yesterday's drive, 126 miles (200 kms).

Today, we're headed for Wyoming!

A good quality electric pressure washer is on at a good only...

And in Canada, if you ever wanted a good quality juice machine, today is the day to buy it!


  1. Looking forward to hearing how Sherman does going up Hwy 139. Safe Travels!

    1. He did totally fine, didn't miss a beat. This was nothing compared to some of the mountains that we have been though in Mexico. Beautiful scenery on this drive, it's the kind of drive we love, beats the Interstate any day! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, there are so many hiking options in this area! We'll be back some other time for sure.

  3. Replies
    1. Going through the skinny little slots was a blast!

  4. That hike is difinitely not for chubby people. Great pictures.

    1. Chubby people maybe, bigger than that and it might be an issue. ;-)

  5. What a neat hike! That red flower photo is really beautiful! Too bad you don't have more time to spend on your return trip but Utah kinda took the cake, didn't it! Safe travels.

    1. It was such a fun hike! Yes, it would have been nice if we could have had more time, oh well, we will just have to return back to Utah which neither one of us has a problem with. :-)

      That red flower really caught my eye because it was about the only bright colour there was on that particular part of the hike and the colour just popped!

  6. What a nice morning stroll, think that would be my kind hike! LOL...

    1. Guess now you will have to come down to Utah and give this hike a try!

  7. One day you need to spend more time in Colorado - the mesas are lovely and there are a lot of neat Archaeological sites there. Plus I happen to have been born there (Montrose)

    1. We totally agree with you Cheapchick! This was our second short visit in the sate of Colorado and both times we said that it looks beautiful. The problem that we have is that the best months to come and visit would be when we are working. Having said that if the weather is decent the months of April and October it could be doable. As you know we love the mountains and hiking and Colorado has both of these in abundance.

  8. Really neat hike. We're aiming toward CO in a few weeks, so thanx for posting about Rabbit Valley Rec Area/

    1. It's a beautiful area and there are also so many options on Hwy 139 that we drove along, lots of camping opportunities as well as hiking. I am sure you will love your time in Colorado.


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