Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Lauwersoog, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Moving north towards Los Angeles

Yesterday was a travel day for us as we moved from Lakeside (San Diego) area to Los Angeles area. I say "area", because we're still about an hour's drive from downtown.

But before we left Lakeside, we had to go out for on last breakfast with the group. Man, I think we have eaten out more this year than all our other years put together!

Just down the hill from Stan and Colleen's place is the Cafe 67. This diner style restaurant has only been there since 2005, yet it's one of those places that looks like it's been there forever.

From left, Janice, John, Stan, Colleen, Kevin, Ruth, Helen, and Tony.

Colleen had told us that this restaurant has huge portions, and so Ruth and I split an omelette, and good thing we did. Tony and Helen split a plate of pancakes and a plate of bacon and eggs.

Yikes. Never seen pancakes this big!

Stan took Tony and I over to Stan's old business. Stan owned a drilling company prior to retirement and he had built a couple of big drill machines back in the 1980's that are still in use today.

Kevin, with the drilling machine nicknamed "Big Stan".

Big Stan has been featured on the Discover Channel's "Monster Machines" show!

And then, with full stomachs, it was time to say goodbye. Thanks again to Stan and Colleen for your hospitality! We really enjoyed the San Diego area and we're going to return someday for a longer visit.

We got Sherman packed up, and did the 90 mile (144 km) drive from Lakeside up the I-5 north towards Los Angeles and O'Neill Regional Park.

Sherman, heading north.
There will be a lot of that over the next two and a half weeks!

Scenery along the way.

Me, driving Sherman!

We got Sherman parked up at O'Neill Regional Park for $20 USD ($26 CAD) per night, plus $5 USD ($6.50 CAD) per night for the rental car. Not a bad spot to leave Sherman while we go into Los Angeles to explore.

We didn't hang around though, and we all piled into the red Beetle and drove over to Newport  beach area back to the Shake Shack where Tammy and Mike had taken us a couple of weeks ago. Great burgers and shakes overlooking the ocean!

Arriving at the Shake Shack.

Lunch, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Looking south from Crystal Cove.

Helen and Tony on the beach. 

That wave you see coming up about three feet away from Tony's feet ended up soaking them above their knees about a half a second after that picture was taken! Too funny!

Looking north from Crystal Cove.

Tony, taking a photo of a new Ferrari in the parking lot. Lost of fancy cars in this area!

Back at Sherman around 6:00pm, and just a few snacks for dinner later on because we didn't need anything else!

Today, we're heading into downtown Los Angeles. 

Extremely cheap price on a five star digital kitchen scale this morning at Amazon.com...

And in Canada, Amazon.ca has a great deal on fitness bands. A fantastic product for carrying in your RV due to the light weight. I bought one for myself this morning!


  1. The coast is great at this time of year, not too foggy.

    1. Yes, we have been lucky with that so far! :-)

  2. I'm sure down-town L.A. will be an "experience". Have fun!

    1. Yes, it definitely was! Not really one we want to repeat.

  3. L.A. will be interesting, hope you take lotsa pictures cause we will never go there. We did go to Venice beach years ago, there and found it very interesting.

    1. We were hoping to go to Santa Monica and Venice Beach today but after sitting in traffic much of yesterday evening, I think we will head for the coast and travel just a little way up and just take it easy today.

  4. We use fitness bands in the exercise class here but not fancy ones like that!

    1. We are hoping that these will be better than our last set which weren't real quality ones to start with.


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