Ruth and Max at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

We had planned on leaving early anyhow...

I have an aunt and uncle who have spent a lot of time camping and hiking in Utah, and they offered some suggestions about some hikes in the area. So yesterday, we first stopped at a short hike in Capitol Reef National Park, but then we drove through the park and out the eastern side of it.

Ruth, out for a short hike in Capitol Reef National Park Saturday morning.

That's a long way down!

It was a little windy up there. Do you like Ruth's "smurf" look?

Scenery along the way.

Snow on the mountains.

More scenery.

We stopped in the town of Hanksville for lunch and gas. I put in $50 USD ($65 CAD) worth at $2.40 USD per gallon ($0.82 per litre CAD), but we'll fill up further north where I see that it can be had for much cheaper.

We pulled into the Temple Mountain Recreation area and found a spot to overnight. Not ideal because the area is popular with the OHV (off highway vehicle) crowd, so it was a little busy. Plus, it's a weekend.  The reason we're at this area is to do a hike to some slot canyons called Little White Horse Trail near Goblin Valley State Park.

Sherman, parked up for free at GPS 38.667263, -110.684685.

We both had an afternoon nap. Again, it was really windy (fortunately, it was a tailwind for most of the drive!) and we didn't even leave the motorhome to go for a  late afternoon walk. And, no internet here in the middle of nowhere. So Ruth worked on labeling some photos while I organized my box of electronic stuff. Its amazing how many USB cables you accumulate! So now, each one is in a separate plastic ziploc bag, and labeled so that I know which one is which. Also, I did some more reading about the GoPro and played with the app a little more to familiarize myself with it. It sure does some neat stuff! I'll write a blog post about it next month.

Slept fine, although we awoke to nearby generator noise. Can't stand the drone of generators in a nice peaceful campsite. We had planned on leaving early anyhow, so we simply got up and drove to our hike trailhead, about 13 miles from where we had been parked and had breakfast there before heading out on our hike.

After our hike, it will be time to drive. We've got over 1,000 miles (1,600 kms) to do between now and Friday, so we'll be putting on some miles every day. Tonight, we should be somewhere in Colorado. Also, we've decided that Sherman needs some new rubber so we've kind of allowed an extra day in there to get that done while we're in Billings, Montana.

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  1. Great Smurf hair, Ruth! Safe travels. What a great Grand Finale you two have had. Now... back to work!

    1. Lol, yep funny hair!

      It has been a fantastic end to our winter away, we have absolutely loved this area. I think we will need to go back to work just for a rest! ;-)

  2. Hope you have time to enjoy the Goblins and slot canyons in the area. Safe Travels on the remainder of your journey home.

    Ruth - we made your quiche again - this time with plablano pepper, adds just a bit of a kick. Anxious to feed this to the kids. - Thanks again for passing it along.

    1. We went for a great hike in the morning in the slot canyons. It was our first time in a proper slot canyon and we loved it. Wish we had more time in the area but we have bookmarked it and hope to return again some day.

      So glad you have enjoyed the quiche recipe. We love plablano peppers as well and always use them when we are in Mexico, as you said they have a nice little zing to them. :-)

  3. Renee rubber - join the FMCA for $40 - benefit from their incredible Michelin Advantage National program - best deal in tires anywhere. Less than dealer cost. You find the Michelin or Bridgestone tire you need, any size any amount, call the associated phone number tell them the tire, they give you the cost and the nearest dealer. You also register the credit card you're using. You make the appointment and pay mounting only at the dealer. Cannot beat it.

    1. Kevin will contact you Geoff, thanks for the info!

  4. We've been following - what wonderful scenery as you head north - enjoying it with you!!!
    Connie & Barry

    1. The scenery has been spectacular but we know that will change as we head further north and into the prairies so we will take it while we can. Glad you are enjoying it as well!

  5. Sorry about the typos! Too small! RE rubber not Renee

  6. Travel safely and enjoy, hope you get a good deal, we are do for 4 new tires this year.

    1. You're talking about Kevin here, of course he will get a good deal or he won't buy them! ;-)


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