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Monday, April 4, 2016

Overlooking Palm Springs

We set off at 9:00am yesterday morning to do part of the hike up the mountain in behind the RV park. Almost too late, because things warm up quite quickly here in the desert and they were calling for a high of 92F (33C).

But, we had our Tilley hats with us, and lots of water.

The South Lykken Trail goes right up behind the RV park, and it doesn't take long to start to get a view.

Tony, Helen, and Ruth, admiring the view.

Looking down on Palm Springs.

And, getting higher yet.

Helen is still recovering from a badly broken leg accident that occurred last December, so she was being extra careful. They made it about as high as in the photo above, and headed back while Ruth and I carried on to the top of the first ridge.

Ruth, overlooking the valley.

Kevin, having fun on the trail.

Selfie with a view.

Zoomed in on the RV Park. Can you spot Sherman?

Took a short video for you from the top...

Hiked back to the bottom, where Tony and Helen were waiting for us. I had the gps operating on the phone and it turns out that we did 3.8 miles (6 kms) with an 1,100 foot increase in altitude.

For the afternoon, we had planned on going down the valley to Desert Palm to the weekend street fair, and when I looked up the directions I saw that it's only open from 7:00am to 2:00pm. So we got going right away, and took off in the Beetle.

Nice drive, and interesting scenery, especially looking at all the fancy cars. Spotted a couple of Bentleys, and even a Rolls Royce. Made it to the street fair, and went to wander around.

The Palm Desert Street Fair.

Lots of stuff.

If you don't know your prices, it would be easy to get ripped off here. Saw a lot of stuff that would be cheaper in a Dollar store or the Walmart! Must be that "Palm Springs" pricing!

Tony, Kevin, and Helen, trying out the massage pillows. Kinda nice, but $45.00 USD? No thanks.

Lots of hats for sale. Tony, looking stylish!

Too funny. Off to the horse track?

Ruth, at the cooling off fan.

We tried to get a late lunch at the food stalls, and the only thing that appealed to us at the right price was the tamales. We went to order them, and it turned out that they had sold out! He said they had a really busy day. So, we got back in the Beetle and went for a drive. Came across a Thai food restaurant and they had a lot of lunch specials under $10 a plate. We all came out stuffed, and didn't need much for dinner.

El Paseo Drive in Desert Palm.

We were going to walk the expensive shops on at El Paseo, but it was simply too hot and Helen's leg had had enough walking for the day. So we drove slowly through, and then headed back to the RV park.

Back at Sherman by 4:00pm or so, and we all went for a cooling dip in the pool.

Today, we're leaving Palm Springs and heading for higher altitudes in Joshua Tree National Park. Spending two or three days up there, and we don't know if we'll get internet access, but I'm sure we'll figure a way to get a blog post to you somehow. 

Enjoy your Monday!

I finally bought one of these portable air pumps to carry around in the motorhome. A great little pump! Even works on Sherman's big tires!


  1. Ruth looks great in the red hat, ready for the horse races. To easily spot Sherman, look for the red beetle! We love Thai food! Enjoy!

    1. And we could have gone to the races, well not really the races but to a polo match at least. One Sundays you can get in free to the polo game and just have to pay for the parking but we had other things on the go. Maybe another time! :-)

  2. Didn't realize Palm Springs was so big!

    1. It might not look as big if you took out the other "cities" that are close by, they all run into one and other with no real gap in between.

  3. Most everything there is Expensive love Ruth's red hat.
    Enjoy Joshua Tree, quite a bit cooler there.

    1. It's only expensive if you do or buy the expensive things which we didn't do other than staying at the campground there.

      Joshua Tree was still hot during the day but definitely much cooler at night, it felt wonderful.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Paul and Marti! I had fun trying on the various different hats, just like a little girl playing dressup. ;-)

  5. That must have been quite a scramble to get in that selfie on the mountain. Nice shot! Have fun in Joshua Tree. I hope it's cooler there. We've never been except to drive by so will be looking forward to your adventure. Have fun and stay cool! (it's hot here, too!)

    1. It was a little bit of one, Kevin only just made it in time! :-)

      It as a little cooler in Joshua Tree but not by much during the day but it was much cooler at night time which made for comfortable sleeping.

      You and Steve would love Joshua Tree, Getchen not so much. Dogs are not allowed on any of the hiking trails. :-(

  6. Lykken Trail is a great workout trail. We really enjoyed the views too.

    1. Yes, it is definitely a great workout trail. We would like to have done the whole trail but just didn't have time, so that will have to wait for another visit.

  7. We were in Joshua Tree back in 1997. It was great. Our kind of place.

    1. Yes, it is a beautiful park. We really loved all the big boulders and climbing all over them was fun.

  8. Replies
    1. We love getting up high for the views! :-)

  9. Love your unique photos of places! What an awesome view of Palm Springs.

  10. Most of those flea markets/art and craft festivals are overpriced but they are still fun to walk around.

    1. We totally agree with you, there were some pretty neat things to look at there!

  11. If you are looking for some easy hiking try the Cahuilla Natural Preserve. It's just outside Palm springs and it's free. The hike out to the oasis is pretty flat and easy and you can continue on to additional hiking if you like that's a bit more challenging, but still pretty easy.

    We were just in Palm Springs last week and checked out the Happy Travellers RV park. Those sites are very tight. There are much nicer (and cheaper) RV parks in the area if you ever go back.

    1. Would be helpful if you can be more specific...which RV parks would you recommend?


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