Our boondocking spot at dusk near Bridgeport, California.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Bridgeport, California.

Where are they going next? South, towards Death Valley National Park.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another fun hike, with great views.

Drove into the town of Torrey first thing yesterday morning. That's the closest free internet to Capitol Reef National Park, at the visitor info center run by the county. No Verizon cell signal up here, so we can't get on the internet that way.

With that done, we drove into the park.

Sherman, in Capitol Reef National Park.

We stopped at the visitor center and got some info on hikes. We decided on a one way hike, but that meant we had to drop off our bicycles at our destination, and then drive the motorhome back to the trailhead. The trails that we decide to thru hike on started off on the Cohab Canyon trail so we parked the motorhome at the picnic area close by and then walked the short distance to the trailhead. We then hiked the Cohab Canyon trail until it links up with the Frying Pan trail (not sure why it is named this!), then the spur trail to Cassidy Arch and back to the Frying Pan trail, then down to the Grand Wash trail where we had dropped off our bikes earlier on at the Grand Wash Road trailhead.

Ruth, heading uphill on the Cohab Canyon Trail

Didn't take long to start to get a view. That's the campground down there.



Fun in the rocks.


Us on the Frying Pan Trail

Photo fun.

What a great lunch spot.

There was a section of trail about a mile round trip to get to see Cassidy Arch. When you're doing a six mile hike, what's another mile, right? Glad we went...a very cool geological formation.

I took a neat video while there, but the file size is too large and I just don't have time right now to try and figure it out. Something I can do more research on once we get parked up back in Canada.

Ruth, on Cassidy Arch.

The Grand Wash Road trailhead where our bikes are waiting for us.

Turns out that we did a 6.8 mile (11 km) hike, followed by a 4 mile (6.5 km) bike ride.

When we made it back to the motorhome, we rode our bikes by the park campground and  the sign said "Campground Full". Not surprising, being a Friday and the last weekend of free entrance to the park. The campground is $20 USD ($26 CAD) per night with no hoookups.

We paid the $5 fee to use the dump station and water refill, and drove back to the same place we had stayed the night before. But by this point, it was also busy. We had seen another dirt track a quarter mile further down the road and went to check it out. Turns out it was perfect, and other than a couple of tenters, we were the only RV there.

Sherman, boondocking at GPS 38.325452, -111.372627

Really windy last night and into this morning. We had been planning another hike this morning, and then do some driving heading north this afternoon. We'll see...the wind is not making our decision easy!

A basic sewing machine...for this price, you can't go wrong!

And in of those gyrocopters with an HD camera is on sale. I can't believe how cheap these things have become...


  1. Replies
    1. It's going to end so though because it won't be long and we will be back at work for another season.

  2. Some people have entirely way too much fun!

    1. Yep, we sure have been having fun but but in another week it will be back to work for us!

  3. I thought I'd quit checking in everyday since you've left Mexico. Nah. You're giving us ideas for when we leave. Thanks!

    1. Glad we are helping with your travel plans. Tons of places here to enjoy, you will love it!

  4. Replies
    1. Utah is amazing, the sights just never seem to end!

  5. If you'd taken the Frying Pan Trail in the summer, you might have found out why the name.

    1. I sorta wondered if that was maybe the reason for it's name! Glad we were there on a day when the temperature was perfect for hiking and that we had a nice blue sky with just a little bit of fluffy clouds.

  6. Utah,Utah, Utah....can't beat it!

    1. Yep, it would definitely be hard to beat!

  7. We really enjoyed hiking these scenic trails. Looks like you did, too.

    1. Yes, we certainly have! Too bad we don't have more time to spend here, guess that just means that we will have to return another time.


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