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Friday, March 4, 2016

Mexico RV Caravan group profile... #4

Okay, here we are with two more interviews with the members of the Mexico RV caravan group. We had a lot of fun doing these interviews, and we learned a little about what motivates someone to go to Mexico in an RV...and even more, what it's like to do it with a group.

This particular group appears to have been very lucky, in that they were all pretty easy to get along with. That makes it more enjoyable for everyone, including those of us who led the group!

Next up is Bob and Betty McNichol and their dog Reza, from Mission, British Columbia, Canada...

Betty (73), Bob (74), and Reza (9).

What prompted you to do an RV caravan to Mexico?

We had been at an RV show in Abbotsford, British Colombia and seen the booth where they were advertising the tour. We had also met someone who had done one of these RV caravans, and we decided that we wanted to see Mexico as part of a safe and escorted trip.

What are your impressions of the caravan?

It has been a pleasure to travel with people of like minds who enjoy experiencing a real insight to Mexican history and it's culture.

What are your impressions of Mexico?

A beautiful country with a rich history. The people have been so friendly and accommodating wherever we go. There is a great deal of litter though!

Have you felt safe traveling around Mexico?

Absolutely. The Green Angels were more than helpful when they accompanied us.

What has been your favorite experience or highlight of the trip?

Bob - Zipline at the Copper Canyon. Fishing in Mazatlan. Walks in Patzcuaro, and supper at the artists home. Also loved happy hours with the group! And the night walk in Guanajuato and the beach at Teacapan.

Betty - Overall, meeting the local people in the markets and freely strolling around the towns. Also, I loved the scenery in Mazamitla.

Would you return to Mexico by yourself or with another caravan?

The answer is yes to both.

The caravan has opened up the many sides of Mexico. The knowledgeable guides and wagon masters all added to an understanding of old Mexico. Beaches and condos are such a small part. We prefer the high country of Mazamitla and Guanajuato, but a mixture of months is probably the way to go.

And is Randy and Debbie, from a little place called Long Reach on the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada...

Debbie (60) and Randy (63).

What prompted you to do an RV caravan to Mexico?

Initially, we were looking at visiting Mexico's Copper Canyon. Researching that led us to blogs and testimonials about Caravanas de Mexico

With retirement approaching, we decided that three months in Mexico sounded like a pretty good idea!

What are your impressions of the caravan?

Very well led and organized. It's given us opportunities to experience Mexico fully, and beyond what we could have managed any other way.

What are your impressions of Mexico?

The food, the weather, the landscape, the people, the culture, the's all superb, rich, and beautiful and beyond our expectations.

Have you felt safe traveling around Mexico?

At the beginning of the trip we were a little concerned, but now we're at the point where we don't even think about it. We have not had a single moment of discomfort. And rather than threats, we see smiling, welcoming faces.

What has been your favorite experience or highlight of the trip?

Perhaps the access to some phenomenal, knowledgable tour guides who shared so much with us. Reviewing our itinerary, we couldn't possibly pick a favourite...every day seems to present surprising highlights.

Would you return to Mexico by yourself or with another caravan?

We're already planning on returning next year and probably for many years to come.

We're signing up for Spanish classes when we get home!


  1. Hey, that's my parents!!!! Bob and Betty. :)
    Thanks for writing such a great and informative blog. It's been fun to follow along with it, while hearing the 'live' version from my parents. It sounds like a trip of a lifetime to be sure!!!

    1. Thank you Jen! Glad that you enjoyed following along and seeing what your parents have been up to. They will have lots of stories and pictures to show you when they return. They are wonderful people and we enjoyed spending time with them.


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