Out for a walk near Keinton Mandeville, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Keinton Mandeville, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Pogradec, Albania on October 2nd.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

No charge, and with a smile too!

We had a good day yesterday, just relaxing and going for a bike ride. We even slept in! Didn't wake up until almost 7:30am. Man, that doesn't happen very often!

In the morning, Larry came over because his Telcel cellular data plan ran out on his iPad, and we tried to get it recharged again. Turns out that it's not easy for an iPad to do SMS messaging through the installed SIM card, and so we decided to go into town.

Only Larry and I went ...a short distance up the highway to the busy little town of La Penita.

We went into the Oxxo store and put some more money on the Telcel account, and then found one of those "authorized" Telcel distributor shops. The young fellow in there took the SIM card from the iPad, installed it in his own iPhone 6, and activated the data package. Simple as that! Cost? No charge, and with a smile too. I would have done the same thing, but Apple, (in all of it's wisdom) decided that the SIM card should be a different size between the iPad, and the iPhone 4S that I have.

Anyhow, with that working, we went off so that I could do some minor grocery shopping. I picked up some Chihuahua cheese and some cream cheese so that Ruth could make a dip for our pot luck dinner with the group last night.

Then, back at the motorhome, Ruth made some lunch and then we went for a bike ride down to the next beach. It's just a small beach, and there is a dirt road to get there.

South of Lo de Marcos..

Ruth and the Pacific coast surf.


Neat hole in the rock.

Looking south.

Looking north.

Don't get wet!

Then we rode back north and through to the town of Lo de Marcos where we bought an ice cream and sat in the empty plaza. Along the way, we stopped at the lagoon to take some more pics.

Great blue heron.


Yellow-crowned night heron.

Black-necked stilt on the left. Not sure on the right!

Then we rode through some of the side streets just looking at the different properties. A real mix of locals and tourist rentals and winter and weekend homes. Lots of places for sale.

Well, at least he can speak it!

By the way, that's about $100k CAD for about a 2,600 sq ft home, not on the beach. Couldn't see the place because of the big wall around it.

In the evening, we had a pot luck dinner with the caravan group. Nice way to say goodbye to everyone and I know that we will bump into some of them again during our travels down the road. Great group of people!

Today, we head further north. Heading out at 8:00am, and we have to do about 340 kms (211 miles). The goal is the little beach town of Teacapan, but we're already having second thoughts about that. It's about a 40 km (25 mile) detour (each way) to get there, and so we're not sure it's worth it. We'll see if we find anywhere worthwhile along the way to overnight, and if we do it will also put us a day ahead of schedule because I had planned two nights at Teacapan. With our tight schedule, that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Well, if you're thinking about a new television, today is the day! What a deal...

And at Amazon.ca in Canada, they're having an end of season ladies winter clothing sale...


  1. Lovely beach, great for exploring.

    1. It was and we enjoyed our time there. :-)

  2. Happy Motoring. Hope Sherman behaves.

    1. He behaved very well and enjoyed the scenery!

  3. Replies
    1. It has been a nice change but the bugs have been eating away at us!

  4. Gotta love (Apple) marketing. My charging cable for the Ipad 2 wore out, so I went to the Apple store to buy a new one. Guess what! No longer available! The next Ipad uses a different charging cable and that's all they stock. Luckily my son's old Iphone uses the same one as the Ipad 2 so I'm using that now. Planned obsolescence infuriates me.

    Safe travels, great pictures.

    1. You can buy on eBay cheap... Less than a buck shipped!

    2. Agreed Alex, there is always something out there that is available but we hate it when they make things harder for people or make people think that something is obsolete.

  5. Love the beach photos. The header photo is beautiful.
    I speak Inglish too...hehehe

    1. Beach photos for us is definitely not the norm but it is nice every once in a while! ;-)

  6. Gotta love free with a smile and the Happy hours looks like fun,
    safe travels.

    1. The Happy Hour was also a Pot Luck affair and yes, it was fun and delicious at the same time.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Connie and Barry, we have been enjoying our time at the beach as long as the bugs stay away!

  8. How can we get ahold of the management to make a reservation at colores marino, we are heading north from zihuatanejo April 1st, would love to stay there. We are traveling in a motorhome pulling a jeep.

    1. The manager is Miguel Angel. Tel 695-954-5933, or email [email protected]

      Or, simply show up. They will have space.


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