View of Berat, Albania from Berat Castle hill.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Another great day in Mexico

Barb and Sal came to pick us up just before 9:00am and we went to a restaurant for breakfast. This was a little different breakfast! We had lamb with tortillas and garbanzo bean consomme.

And man, we were stuffed! Didn't need any lunch, that's for sure.

The restaurant has only just re-opened recently.

Ruth, Barb, and Sal.

The lamb was so tender it almost melted in your mouth. The orange juice was fresh squeezed and delicious. Total bill in including tip was 150 pesos ($11.70 CAD) per couple.

We got there early because it usually sells out by noon.

Here's the orange juice crew!

And the fresh made tortilla crew!

And the consomee crew!

And the head cook, weighing out the lamb.

We walked out of there stuffed. 

Heinz and Ulli came over and met us. They had gone to a different restaurant, La Cocinita...we hope to go there for breakfast tomorrow morning before going to the hot pools.

We left with Heinz and Ulli so that we could go for a walk along the malecon.

Nice view from the malecon.

And in the other direction.


We walked out on top of the dam.

Heinz, Ulli, Kevin, and Ruth.

Then we went for a drive up into the mountains between here at Mazamitla. The same drive that we did the other day with the tour, so I didn't take any pictures. But we did stop at the village of El Tigre and had a cold beer. Found a puppy while we were there...

No Ruth...we are not taking it home...

From there, we drove back through Mazamitla and picked up the laptops back at Sherman before heading over to Heinz and Ulli's apartment to take advantage of their good internet connection. Relaxed for a couple of hours.

We were out on the balcony, when Ruth noticed a big bug come and land on the window...


Kind of a grasshopper looking thing.

Later on, we walked up the hill to Barb and Sal's place for happy hour.

Sal, Barb, Ruth, Heinz, and Ulli.

Hummingbird at the feeder.

What a fun day. 

Not much on the agenda today though. We have some laundry to do and Sherman needs some cleaning. We'll go for a walk though. And then maybe we'll read our books, and have an afternoon nap. Sounds like a plan!

There are four deal of the day specials at today...

And at, a great deal on a five pack of wireless remote switches...


  1. Life is good! Barb and Sal have a nice view from the veranda. Breakfast sounds yummy.

    1. Barb and Sal not only have a nice view they have a wonderful house as well. Breakfast was delicious!

  2. What a fabulous day. The restaurant looks so very nice. And Barb and Sal's place is gorgeous.

  3. Fun , food, friends and Happy hour sounds like a full day.
    A day of reading you are due for.

    1. Never did get around to reading but Kevin managed to get a nap in!

  4. Hi Kevin
    Reached my friend in Celestino.....road is better than beginning, after rainy season, however still a lot of washboard & many potholes to dodge. All parks apparently open, average 200 pesos per night, however, Celestino does not have power.

    1. Thanks for getting back to us with the information on the Celestino parks, Taylore.

  5. Known as a "walking leaf" or "leaf bug". Great camouflage! We love the lamb, excellent food in Valle.

    1. Yes, it definitely some type of "leaf bug". He/She was very cool looking and very big!

      If you like lamb then you have to visit this restaurant if you are coming here this summer.


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