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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ruth is in Calgary, and Kevin is in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Back on our own

The RV caravan pulled out yesterday morning at 8:00am. I took a video of them all leaving, but it's too big to upload on our not very good cellular internet connection.

There had been another couple in the RV park as well, but they pulled out a little later, leaving Sherman all by himself.

And soon, we also pulled out!

The caravan group heading out.

And Sherman was left alone.

Around 11:00am, we also headed out. A whole one kilometer down the road to Chema's RV Park. We get a better deal there and it's also that much closer to town. This is where we are staying until the 13th or so when my dental work should be finished.

Sherman, parked up at Chema's RV Park.

We relaxed until 3:00pm or so when Heinz and Ulli came to pick us up. They were also regular campers at Hacienda Contreras RV Park until the gas station opened up next door and Barb and Sal sold the property. Heinz and Ulli decided to sell their motorhome, but they liked it so much in this area that they got an apartment in town and now live here for a few months during the winter, and summers back at Pelee Island in Ontario, Canada.

They drove us into town where the first stop was to visit the newest attraction in the town of Valle de Juarez.

A little road block along the way!

The town has a beautiful malecon along the lakefront.

Ruth and Ulli.

At the end of the malecon, we walked up to a non-descript building and Heinz told me to peer over the entrance door and have a look inside...

A beautiful brand new public swimming pool!

Wow. What a fantastic addition to the little town of Valle de Juarez. Public swimming, and only 15 pesos ($1.20 CAD) entrance fee for adults.

We might go take advantage of that one day while we're here.

Then we drove over so they could show off their apartment.

A beautiful two bedroom apartment in town.

Heinz and Ulli.

Heinz is a great bartender!

Barb and Sal showed up and we had a fun happy hour together! Nice view of the lake from the balcony.

Afterwards Barb and Sal drove us back home, but first we stopped at their place to say hi to the dogs...

Niko, 9 years old.

Osa is now 14 years old!

And cute little Barney, just a few months old!

Ruth has a dentist appointment for her cleaning at 11:30am, and so we'll ride our bikes into town for that. And I have a blocked ear, so we'll search out a doctor for an ear cleaning too! We'll relax for the afternoon, then at 5:00pm we have to be back at the dentist for my moulds to be made. 

A great one day deal on the indoor outdoor electric griddle...

And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful apartment.
    I bet it is mighty quiet around there now that everyone is gone.

    1. It's a beautiful apartment and it almost makes us want to move down here permanently right now but we aren't ready for that type of life yet!

      Yes, things are much quieter now.

  2. Heinz and Ulli have a lovely home. Barney is growing like a weed!

    1. They certainly do, and they love it. They rent it for the whole year so that they can leave their things behind each year rather than having to bring things back and forth each time.

      Barney sure is and, he and Niko love playing together!

  3. Great post, and we're definitely curious about Pelee Island as it's been on our to-do list for quite some time. This summer we plan on visiting for sure. Love hearing about people who chose to make it their home!

    1. They love Pelee Island and have lived there now for a number of years in the summer. They have invited us to come and see them but we never make because we are working during the summers. I sure hope that you make it to Pelee Island this summer!

  4. What a great view from their apartment. Barney is so cute!

    1. They have a perfect little apartment and it isn't even real little!

      Barney is a sweetie and we are happy to see him in his new home.

  5. In my opinion, this is a much prettier lake than lake Chapala. Glad you had a great time with your caravan group.
    Ruth I can tell you are a total dog lover. You need to get one to share your travels with. I know it is more work but they are such good company.

    1. Yes, it is much prettier than Lake Chapala in our opinion!

      We used to have a dog and she loved traveling with us but as much as we love dogs we don't want another one in our lives at the moment. Wte want to do more international travel and having a dog would make that very difficult to do, so instead of that we will just love everyone else's dog instead and get our doggie fix that way.

  6. Nice to be alone again, after you had all that fun.
    Doggies fixes are great Suzie loves them, but we too don't want to be tied down with one.

    1. Yes, we are looking forward to doing things on our own time and doing the things we love but we are also missing the camaraderie of the group.

      So true, we manage to get lots of doggie fixes along the way that we really don't need another dog at this point in our lives.

  7. Nice looking apartment! I think you meant to say 11:30 a.m.!

  8. OMG! What a loaded post. A pool in Valle, what a great thing. Looks like fun for the summer. Still not sure where we are going. Heinz and Ulli have a wonderfull apartment. Tell them we said hi. I dread going to the dentist but I do it. That's life. Sherman looks a bit lonely.

    1. You would love the pool Chris, although it is a little on the cool side. I am sure the people here will make good use of it. The schools have swimming lessons every week at it.

      Heinz and Ulli have a wonderful apartment and we were almost ready to sign on the dotted line for the other vacant one in their building! ;-)

      So far the dentist appointments have gone well and it makes it go that much better knowing that we won't have a huge bill at the end of the work.

      Sherman is enjoying a little alone time, especially with being here in Valle! :-)

  9. Nothing like the calm after a storm or in this case a bunch of RVers:)

    1. Lol, yep! We are enjoying the peace and quite but we are missing the fun we had together as a group.


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