Lake Prespa and the village of Pustec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? On our way to Gjyrokaster, Albania .

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Back on the road. A terrible road...

We were on the road by 9:30am yesterday morning. Only 195 kms (121 miles), but that can be a four hour drive in the motorhome in Mexico. As always, the goal is to be parked up at our next location by 2:00pm. That gives us lots of daylight hours to fix a problem, should we happen to have one.

Fortunately, we didn't have any problems. Other than one bad road!

We had to backtrack pretty much the same route that we took from Villa Corona when we were with the caravan group.

Lots of pics today!

Scenery along the way.

View of Lake Chapala

Heading down towards the south shore of Lake Chapala.

We had about 8 kms of road construction to deal with.

Watch that drop off on the right side!

The plaza in San Luis Soyatlan.

The narrow roads going through town.

The south shore of Lake Chapala is well known for it's many greenhouses. Mostly rasberries and blackberries.

Oh, and maybe some radishes too!

Sugar cane.

Once you get onto the southwest bypass route avoiding the city of Guadalajara, it becomes sugar cane country.

Once we got onto that bypass road, it quickly occurred to us that we had done this road once before. And it wasn't a good memory. Despite it being a fairly major four lane road, it was in terrible condition when we had done it two years ago. At first, I thought "oh, well it's been two years, maybe they've fixed it..."

But no such luck. It's actually worse.

Do not take this road!

Terrible road. For a minute, I thought we were back in Saskatchewan!

Sugarcane fields.

The road is so bumpy that the sugarcane trucks lose some of their load.

Anyhow...around 34 kms (21 miles) of that and it was finally over. My hands hurt from holding onto the steering wheel! Poor Sherman. What we put him through...

Around 1:20pm we pulled into Delia's Trailer Park in Etzatlan. We had only stopped once, for a 15 minute break. Never expect to get anywhere quickly in Mexico! But, as planned we were nicely parked up before 2:00pm.

Yesterday's drive, 195 kms (121 miles).

One other camper here...a couple from Minnesota in an older class B van. But they are heading out this morning.

Bonnie and her four dogs were there to greet us. We'll definitely get our dog fix over the next day.

Ruth, with the dogs. Yes, the one on the left is missing part of his leg. He gets around fine though.

Thompson, and Luna.

So, one day to relax and make use of the good internet here, and then tomorrow we hit the road again!

Oh...back on March the 3rd I had taken a video of when our caravan group had hit the road. Only got it published today because we haven't had decent internet until now...

Wow, computer memory just keeps getting cheaper...check out the price on this...

And in Canada...on sale today only, and it comes with rechargeable batteries!


  1. Just to thank you for posting all the photos of what you saw yesterday in your travels. It's so interesting to us since it's doubtful we'll ever get to Mexico. Love that Ruth can get her dog fix - beautiful fur friends! Enjoy your day!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed our drive and the sights that we saw on it, we love showing them to you and all our other readers, who knows maybe we will be able to entice you or others down here.

      I love just about any animal out there but I think dogs and cats will always be my favourites and I never seem to get tired of them! :-)

  2. At least you made it there by 2 pm and can rest your arms.

    1. Yes we did and we even had some time to spare! :-)

  3. Great photos of your road trip. Made me think I was right there with you feeling all the bumps along the road!

    1. I bet you are glad that you really didn't have to feel all the bumps along the road! ;-)

  4. The Interstates, Freeways, and Highways of California look just as bad. In fact, California has the worst roads.

    1. I guess we will see for ourselves shortly, than we can compare them the roads in Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia which we personally think have some of the worst roads that we have ever traveled on, some are even worst than this one in Mexico!

  5. I guessing it would be a long trip behind a sugarcane truck on a narrow road.

    1. Yes, it would be but still not as bad as being behind a fully loaded double trailer semi going uphill on a narrow, steep and twisty, windy road! ;-)

  6. Too bad you have to look forward to similar roads in California!

    1. I guess we will see how bad they are soon enough! Most of our driving will be in the rental car though so it shouldn't be quite so bad.

  7. Come on there Kevin. Saskatchewan's aren't that good.

    1. You are right Mark, they aren't as bad, especially when you compare it to Hwy #4 coming up from the border!!! Never again will we take that road!

  8. There was snow in the town of Tequila today!

    1. Not today there wasn't! We're only a few miles away. No way was there snow today.


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