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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stuck in the mud

We finally had a beautiful and fairly calm day yesterday. The wind had been really bad for at least a week, and it was sure making our clean up operations difficult. And frustrating! It'll be nice when we're done all of this cleanup and we can concentrate on other projects that are on the agenda.

The forecast for the next week looks gorgeous though. Highs of around 24C (75F) and sunny!

We finally got the beach and day use area cleaned up, blown, and raked. What a difference!

It'll be another month or so before the water level is high enough to put the dock in the water.

The lake sure was blue yesterday. So was the sky!

All cleaned up!

The land across the lake is all ranch land. In fact, there's a tourist dude ranch over there, and during the summer we see them doing trail rides and cattle drives. That sort of thing. Well this past weekend one of the campers had seen one of the cattle on the shoreline...and it never moved. We eventually got the binoculars out and saw that it was the mud!

The camper called the ranch and told them about it, and they came down and got her unstuck. We think she had been there a couple of days. Well yesterday, Ruth saw a black speck in the distance on the shore, quite a bit further down. I got out the camera, and zoomed in on it...

Yep, a cow...stuck in the mud.

I called the ranch and they said they were on their way down to help her out. Turns out it was the same stupid cow! 

Today is Wednesday, and that means our weekly drive into town. It's around 50 minutes each way, and then a whole bunch of running around town, both for stuff the park needs, and groceries for ourselves. Also, I had received a recall notice for the little blue car so I'll stop in at the GM dealer in town and see if they have to order parts or anything. Something to do with the module for the daytime running lights overheating.

And we have to drop off a water sample from the park's drinking water. Have to get the water analyzed twice a year to be within the area's health and safety standards.

Saw a deal yesterday from Phoenix to Sao Paulo, Brazil for only $448 USD return. Dirt cheap. That's normally a $1,200 flight. Had we not already booked our trip to Colombia, I think I would have bought tickets to Brazil yesterday! Our Colombia trip is in November, but I'm still keeping my eyes open for something next March. Maybe Cuba, or one of the Caribbean Islands. We'll see what comes up. Lots of time left for that deal to come about!

A good deal this morning on selfie sticks. Don"t know what a "selfie stick" is? Either did we until we went to Korea last fall. It seemed like everybody in Korea owned a selfie stick. Now you can own one too!

Extendable Selfie Stick (with remote) on - USA (This is actually a "lightning deal" on this morning, so check for a price drop around 9:00am eastern time.)

And in Canada...

Extendable Selfie Stick (with remote) on - Canada


  1. With all those cows in the lake, I'm not sure I'd want to go swimming there.

    1. The lake is 150 miles long and we are at the start of the lake which is actually a river that was dammed so it usually has a flow to it. Also for the amount of cattle to the amount of water the ratio is pretty small.

  2. I've never seen one of those selfie sticks in Canada, maybe we are just behind the times or not as obsessed with ourselves. We too are planning ahead for next year. We go to Playa Del Carmen in June of this year but next year Europe is on the agenda again, not quite sure where yet. Almost have enough ponts with hubby's Avion card for one ticket - plus if I find a great deal we can book on any airline with Avion which I love love love. Best travel point credit card out there.

    1. Nope we hadn't seen these selfie stick in Canada either but we did see a few in the U.S. coming back up to Canada this spring. Having said that I think the ones we saw were from Asian tourists!

      Sounds like you are going to have a couple of nice vacations in your future. :-)

  3. Wonder what is so enticing about that mud that the dumb cow wants so bad.

    1. She is trying to get to the water but there is mud just before the water. Apparently there are better places that the cows generally go to get to the water but this one seems to have forgotten where that better spot is!

  4. You can always tell a cow, but you can't tell it much! I bet all that mud didn't improve its completion... :cD

    1. It also seems that this one doesn't have a very good memory either!

  5. Cows love to wander into the mud by the creek at the farm here, but have never seem them stuck.

    1. I guess the mud here by the edge of the water is more like a quicksand and it just pulls them in and then they are in too deep that the suction just doesn't let them get back out so easily.


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