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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Ultimate Campground Project

Had an email from fellow bloggers Brian and Sue, telling us about a campground listing website that they use. And surprisingly enough, I had never heard about it!  So I figured that if I've never heard about it, some of you may have never heard about it either.

Brian says "I’m stunned – shocked – here I thought you were the king of all ways to save money."

And of course that is true, but the king can always learn something new!

The website is The Ultimate US and Canada Public Campground Project and you can access it here...

Part of it is a pay website, and for some of you, you may find the POI listings for sale of some use. However, I would frequent this website to use what is simply the best online public campground map ever! Now, keep in mind that the campgrounds listed are all public campgrounds...there are no private RV parks. Which suits us just fine.

To use the map, click on the green text that says "Click here to use map".

The map uses "clusters", so find a cluster near the location you're looking for and it'll tell you the number of campgrounds in that area. Then, you can click on the campground itself for more info. Most of the listings have sufficient info, but if it were me, I would then do a google search on that particular campground to find out if the info is still accurate before actually heading that way.

This listing includes everything from totally free BLM camping to National Park, National Forests, Municipal campgrounds, and everything in between. It's a great resource, and I've bookmarked this site for future use.

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  1. A very handy website indeed, and bookmarked.

    1. We will find out how good it is when we start to use it in October! :-)

  2. Gorgeous header photo.

    Believe it or not, I actually have that website in my favorites.

    1. Thanks Paul and Marsha!

      You two are one up on us then. Hope you have found it useful.

  3. That landscape almost looks like the dunes of Namibia. By the way, the new Mad Max movie was filmed there.

    1. I does doesn't it, except our "dunes" aren't made from sand and it isn't nearly as hot here.

      I think I remember reading that that movie was being made there, we will look forward to seeing it sometime in the future.

  4. What? You've never heard of that website? Neither had I. :) Header pic is way too cool!

  5. Gorgeous full moon header - love it!!!
    B&C in PA

  6. We've been using Ultimate for a while and love it. There is also a new one,, that I am starting to use. Check it out.

    1. Glad to hear that you are using it and love it, that is always good to know. Kevin has seen before but can't remember it so he will check it out again, when we have a few spare moment. ;-) Thanks for passing along that link as well.

  7. Replies
    1. You're welcome, hope that you will find it helpful.


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