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Friday, May 15, 2015

It's payday!

The neat thing about working is that you actually get paid every couple of weeks. What a concept! And working is what we have been doing. Every day for the last two weeks. But, the time has flown by and we're getting lots of exercise. And without having to pay for a gym membership.

The Canadian May long weekend is here. The park isn't as ready as we would like it to be. Still too many leaves around from that two days of high winds. Nothing we can do but keep picking away at it.

Oh, we had our season supply of firewood dropped off yesterday...

21 full cords of firewood!

It's really neat how this works. No idea how they get all of that wood into the trailer, but the floor of the trailer has a kind of a conveyor belt system on it so that it just dumps the wood out as the truck drives slowly forward. There aren't a lot of trees in southern Saskatchewan, and this firewood came all the way from Prince Albert, 400 kms (240 miles) north of here.

Will all of that fit in our woodshed??

It was expensive, but it's nice clean wood and we want our campers to be happy.

I moved Sherman to his storage spot for the summer. I wanted to put him somewhere where he wouldn't have to be moved, and also where he wasn't in the way. There was really only one logical location, and that was beside the wood shed in front of the shop. He partially blocks one of the entrance doors to the shop, but that door was hardly used last year at all so I think he'll be fine there and we can keep an eye on him. Got his oil change done yesterday as well. but he'll still need a bit of a minor tune up before we take off in the fall.

Sherman, parked up for the summer.

We have 80 seasonal campers, and only 7 of them have moved their trailers in. We'll get a few more today though, plus we have 5 reservations from daily campers who will be here for the weekend. So, it won't be busy, and we didn't expect it to be. Last year, we had a total of 20 RVs here and I think it will be about the same this year. Weather forecast isn't great. Although it's nice and sunny today, it's supposed to be overcast tomorrow, and only a high of 12C (55F) on Sunday!

A couple of great deals on Amazon.com today!  Sometimes we have a hard time finding one worthwhile deal for you, but today we have two...

Personally, I can't bring myself to wear them, but I know some people swear by them so here you are...

And, the exact same Toshiba external hard drive that we use, except we paid more than this for the 500 GB unit. This, is a great deal...

And, for our Canadian readers we actually have a great deal for you too! This is a small unit, but for this price, you can't go wrong...


  1. I had problems commenting when you mentioned needing GPS maps for Mexico and Columbia.
    Have a look at this website which offers free maps for both.

    Joohn in Kingston, Ont

  2. Now stacking all that wood is going to be some job. Do you have to bundle it too?

    1. We have a couple of high school students who will be doing most of the stacking. And no, we don't have to bundle it. When we sell it, we load a trash can full for $10. When the summer students have nothing to do, they fill about 20 trash cans to keep ready to sell.

  3. Just ordered that drive! And had it shipped PO BOX GENERAL DELIVERY to hopefully save any delivery headaches. And to Oregon, to skip the sales tax!

  4. Egads...who is going to stack all that firewood? Let me guess.

    1. Nope, it won't be us, well maybe a small bit! We have a couple of highschool students to help with that.

  5. Glad you don't have to stack all that firewood!!!

  6. Have you ever tried the Crocs - they don't look pretty but are very practical for travellers. Steve swears by them and has even been known to wear them with socks when the weather has been cold. The other good news is that if you have gone out into the ocean over stones and one comes off they float so you can retrieve them !

    1. No we haven't but I remember that you both liked them (or the look alikes at the time) and most people that wear them, swear by them.

  7. I had the same thought as Judy, who is going to stow all that wood? Just the right kind of work for high school kids:)

    1. We had one student in yesterday and he worked most of the day and it looks like he hardly made a dent in the pile yet it seems lot he got lots stacked. If he returns today (his choice), I may go out and give he some help as I don't have a lot on my agenda today.


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