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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 RV Summit starts today!

Don't forget to check into the 2015 RV and Travel Summit which starts today! You can listen to the stories of those who have done the type of travel that you may be interested in doing, and gain hundreds of tips from those who have already experienced it.

Plus, Travel with Kevin and Ruth are among the presenters!

This free event takes place over the next seven days, and there will be a new series of interviews available each day. There are over thirty interviews, and I think we're on day number five, however I'll be sure to remind you all when our interview is available.

We're looking forward to listening to some of the other presenters as well.

Free registration is online here.

On to other news...we booked some more airplane tickets last night. We've always wanted to go to Colombia, South America and I spotted an airfare deal from Mexico City to Medellin, Colombia round trip for a total of $223 USD each.

So when we finish up here at the end of September, we'll take the month of October to drive to Mexico City and then on October 30th we fly to Colombia for a six week visit!

That's all for now...we start taking reservations here at the campground this morning, and the phone will be ringing off the hook for the next five hours or so. Fun! (not really...)

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  1. How do you find all these wonderful airline prices? Maybe you already shared this info...I am old...I forget very easily.

    1. Yep, we have shared it before. This was the lst time Kevin did a post on this subject, it was from last May.

      He may use a few different sites now as there are always more coming up but the strategy is still the same.

  2. I'm signed up and ready to learn with the RV Summit. Will be tuning in to see you two. Columbia - hope the drug cartels will let you off the plane. :-)

    1. We made the same mistake once Sherry and we make sure not to do it again as Colombians don't like it much but the country of Colombia is spelled with and "o" not a "u"! :-)

      Of course the drug cartels will let us off the plane, that way they can kidnap us! ;-) Seriously we have only heard fantastic things about Colombia and we are looking forward to experiencing this new country to us.

  3. Real bummer for us. I received a mail from my friend Darren, there was an offer from Monterrey to Bogota for $171 R/T. Things still get in the way of a good deal.

    1. That sounds like a great deal, too bad you couldn't make use of it. Keep your eyes open for another one for anywhere in Colombia between October 30 and December 15th and then we could get together down there and have a blast. Also I think we have plans on exploring the San Luis Potosí area and up where the thermal river is that you were telling us about after we come back from Colombia, just in case you may be wanting to do a road trip around that time. :-)

  4. I was going to sign up for the summit but with limited bandwidth would be costly.


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