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Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Expenses

Another pricey month, mostly because of our visit to Lesotho (which was totally worth it!) and our overnight and accommodation costs. Probably the most we've ever spent on accommodation for the month!

We spent a total of $2,284 for the month. Here's how it all broke down...

Gasoline: As expected, at $273.20. Good thing we're driving a small car because gasoline is about $1.45 a litre ($5.35 a gallon) here.

Toll roads: Minor detail, but $5.20 here.

Groceries: Still higher than I thought it would have been, at $265.39. I know that sounds cheap for two people for a month, and of course it's really very good. But for a short month where we also paid for a few meals out, it's higher than expected.

Alcohol: As expected, at $113.32. As I said, it was a short month too.

Miscellaneous: One of our best months in a long time in this category! Only $148.49. All small items, but $61.30 of that was for internet access for the month.

Entertainment: Ouch. At $473.04, definitely higher than normal. But, we were entertained! Mostly due to dinners and tours we did while in Lesotho which combined came in at just over $300.

Overnight: As I said, probably our highest month ever in this category! We paid for 17 nights of accommodation at a total cost of $590.27. (Average per night of $34.72). While in Lesotho, our internet access wan't good enough to arrange onward hosting through couchsurfing, plus the couchsurfing website itself had some major problems this month which didn't allow us to search for hosts.

Travel: We put our monthly car rental expense into this category, at $411.86.

So, at $2,284 another higher than normal month. But March should be much cheaper. We'll still be doing a lot of traveling, but most of it was all paid for and expensed when we booked it last year.


  1. Not too bad actually we you look at it. I enjoyed seeing the photos and travels of Lesotho as well, what a beautiful place!

    1. You are right, it really isn't too bad when you consider all the places we have been and the things that we have done. We loved Lesotho as well, definitely need to go back there an see more of it.

  2. oops that's WHEN you look at it... not we... ! :)

  3. You guys get more out of a buck than anybody I know. Great work, Kevin and Ruth.

    1. That's what we try to do, and we love doing it! :-)


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