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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Killarney National Park, Ireland.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beach Palace Resort (day 3)

Best day yet, from a weather point of view. Perfect temperatures, hardly any wind, and mostly sunshine.

We didn't do very much though! I guess that's the idea, although they certainly do have activities should you wish to take part. Seems to me we took part in a lot of food and drink the last three days!

We can't seem to sleep in. Does anybody else have that problem? We stay up past midnight sometimes, but still awake before 7:00am. No problem taking an afternoon nap though.

Taken from our balcony at 7:00am.

We have coffee in our room, and spend some time on the internet. It's usually 9:00am or so before we make it down for breakfast. The Beach Palace Resort has pretty much any breakfast item you would like, all cooked fresh as you need it. Our favorite part is the eggs. Ruth likes to have an omelette, but I like a couple of fried eggs most of the time. Here, there is always some sunshine to go along with your eggs! 

Her name is Gabriela!

Gabriela, the egg cook!

Gabriela is a ray of sunshine. Super friendly, and always with a big smile. Palace Resorts should be grateful to have such a fantastic breakfast employee to start everyone's day!

After breakfast, it was beach walk time for us.

Pool area starting to get busy already.

Us, and the deep blue sea!

How could you not be happy?

Looking back at Cancun's hotel zone.

After lunch, it was time to figure out our way to the airport.

Our flight leaves at 1:40am on the 19th. (By the time this is posted, we will already be gone!) Yes, 1:40am. Not ideal, but you have to roll with the punches. Anyhow, taxis in the tourist zone here have ridiculous tourist prices. To book a taxi from our hotel to the airport is 350 pesos ($30.45). 

However, if you manage to flag down a local taxi you might be able to get there for 200 pesos ($17.40).

But obviously the locals have to get to the airport too, because many of them work there. Obviously they're not going to pay tourist prices to get there, so we asked one of the employees here how he would get to the airport. He says, take the local bus back in to town for 9.5 pesos each. Get off at the ADO bus terminal, and either take the ADO bus for 65 pesos each, or take the colectivo across the street at the same place we got the one to Playa del Carmen the other day. Total cost will be no more than 149 pesos ($12.95), and more than likely less than that. 

So of course we will be one of the very few travelers who have ever stayed at the luxury Beach Palace Resort who will be departing on the local bus!

Once we got that figured out, it was relax time.

Great spot to relax on our balcony.

With a view of the lagoon.

And a great Cancun sunset!

Ruth wanted to show you some of the deserts. Yes, they even had some gluten free cakes, but our favorite was a typical Mexican dessert...the flan!

We've got a long night ahead of us (writing this at 8:30pm on Tuesday) flying from Cancun to Mexico City, then a short layover before our early morning flight from Mexico City to Guadalajara. Then, a three hour bus ride...and the next time you hear from us we'll be in Valle de Juarez reacquainting ourselves with our motorhome. We sure are looking forward to the next month RV'ing in Mexico!!


  1. Back to Sherman and bet he will be happy to see you again.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Contessa, we're happy to be back!

  3. Lookin' good on the beach there! Have a safe trip back "home".

  4. Oh so nice an end to living without Sherman - but I don't think you'll miss it too much because RVing is the ultimate, right?
    ¡Bien venidos a Valle de Juarez!

    1. We have so enjoyed traveling in so many different countries with our backpacks and using public transportation or a rental car, even traveled with our own car but the best is traveling in our motorhome. Wish we could have taken with us, it is definitely the ideal way to travel, that way you have your home with you all the time. :-)

  5. No matter what time I go to bed am always awake by 7 but this hour change takes some getting used to!

    1. We think one hour is now nothing after doing the 7 hours from Africa and then we have the daylight savings time added in there and then lose another hour when we are back in Mexico all in a matter of 4 days. We do seem to be getting up after 7am now, though.

  6. Doug and I cannot imagine having trouble sleeping in!! Guess it was too many years of alarms and early rising for us!! On the flip side, we are what one might call "night owls"!! I am sure you are glad to be in Sherman and we hope all is well with him.

    GREAT picture of you two on the beach - worthy of framing!!!

    Give our hugs to the gang at HC!! (and you two of course!!)

    1. We had always gotten up early too for work but just have never been able to sleep in. For us sleeping in would be waking up after 8am. We love being back in Sherman, it's going to be hard to leave him again in the middle of April. :-(

      Everyone got there hugs, can't wait to see you guys in June.

  7. Thanks again for taking us along on your adventures. The all inclusive looked wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy your month ahead. Say hi to the folks at HC for me as well. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Diane, the all inclusive was wonderful but we sure are looking forward to spending some time in Sherman for the next month.

  8. Beautiful sunset. Looks like a fun place to stay!

    1. Thanks Chris, it was a beautiful sunset and it is a fun place to be. The beach alone is gorgeous!


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