Max, at his last Moroccan campsite just south of Tangier, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Waiting to board the ferry to Spain.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading towards Seville, Spain.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lost in Cancun

Yup. We got lost this morning.

Still can't quite figure out how we did it. But had we been on "The Amazing Race" television show, today would have been the day we would have been eliminated from the race!

We went out for a walk. First stop was the bank to get some cash. Checked it all out ahead of time on google maps and thought we had it all figured out. Sort of. After all, it was only a km and a half. About a mile. Should've been easy, right?

Apparently not. Pretty soon we were second guessing each other.

We kept walking, because we thought we had it figured out. Pretty soon, we were at the main drag, which meant that we were heading in totally the wrong direction.

Oh was only 4.5 kms (2.8 miles) out of our way!

Finally made it to the bank and got some cash. Mexico is a little more expensive for us this year. The Canadian dollar hasn't done so well on world currency markets the last few months, and the peso vs the Canadian dollar is near a 12 month low. Here, I'll show you...

Not really much different than it was when we left here last April, but not as good as it could have been!

From there, we went to a local market and bought some veggies and some lunch.

This market was actually pretty expensive, but then we know that we are in Cancun. They wanted 30 pesos for a pineapple! That's almost Canadian prices! Still, we got some carrots and tomatoes. 

By the way, we've mentioned this before but we have always said that Mexican carrots taste the best in the world. We eat a lot of raw carrots, and we noticed right away the difference when you crunch into a carrot that we buy down here. Strange isn't it? They simply taste better!


Saw a sign at one stand advertising gorditas. They were cheap and filling, and I enjoyed them. Ruth wasn't as thrilled. 12 pesos ($1.00) each, so our lunch cost 48 pesos ($4.00) for the two of us. 

Wandering back through the market, I saw a sign for "corte de pelo" (haircut) and only 35 pesos ($3.00).


I've been needing a haircut for three weeks, and been trying to hold off until we get to Sherman next week where Ruth has her hair cutting stuff stored. For $3.00, there was no sense in waiting any longer!

Kevin, getting a much needed haircut!

When I was done, Ruth decided she needed a trim as well.

Our hairdresser Roxanne was funny. Ruth's haircut cost 40 pesos, yet it took half as much time. Must be a female thing.

Stopped in at Walmart and picked up a few more things. Noticed that Walmart is a fair bit more expensive than the Chedraui grocery store we were in the other day. Must be because most of the tourists go to the Walmart.

Today, we're off to visit friends on the island of Cozumel! Looking forward to telling you all about it! I know we've been lacking in the pictures lately, so hopefully the Caribbean Sea will be showing off it's nice blue colors!


  1. We have never admitted to being lost, just sometimes take the long scenic route.

  2. Men never get lost, they just change their destination.

  3. I never thought I'd hear of you intrepid travelers getting lost - that's my purview - the lady with no sense of direction. I'm going to be in Cozumel next November for the Ironman competition that my son, Jeff, and daughter, Kari, will be doing together. We're renting a large house for the extended families. I'll be very interested in your take and photos of that area. Happy Friday.

  4. Well now, I don't feel so bad because if world travelers can occasionally lose their way, then it is okay for me to be lost most of the time.

  5. Must be from that "sun directly overhead" thing. I found I would get turned around in Puerto Rico, since I hadn't realized just how dependent I was on the location of the sun. Normally in the southern sky for the Gringos. We ended up with a car that had a built in compass. It came in quite handy.

  6. Nice haircut, Kevin. You almost look respectable... ;c)

  7. What are those that are hanging from the rafters in the fruit and veg. store?

  8. Hi there I enjoy following your travels. Followed you all over South Africa. I also follow this guy and he just put upo his story about his travels in Lesotho.. He is the Side Car rider I mentioned befor you left for Africa.

    His story of Lesotho..

  9. I saw a picture of Kevin the other day and told Juan he was starting to look like a hippie!


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