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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cheap Cape Town Car Rental

We had to do a shout out to the company who rented us our car in Cape Town. As you know, we tell it like it is and when we find a well run company who also gives us a deal, then we feel obliged to tell you about it!

We had been looking for cheap, basic transportation for our two month visit to South Africa and Lesotho. Here's what we found...

We came across a small company called Key Car Hire.

They currently have less than twenty vehicles, so you'll have to book in advance to get one of their deals. The earlybird gets the worm, as they say!

We were quoted R7,800 ($820) for a 53 day rental. That was $15.50 per day for 53 days.

So we booked it!

When they told me that we would be driving an almost twenty year old car, I was a little nervous at first. But, I have a good mechanical background. Plus, they assured me that this car would give us no problems! Besides, although it was an older car, it had only 90,000 kms (54,000 miles) on the clock.

1995 Ford Laser.

Turned out that we were totally correct. When we picked it up, it was clean, just serviced, and full of fuel.

We put over 5,000 kms (3,000 miles) on this car over two months. They were right; we never had a problem. Well, other than the time we locked the keys in it! 

This company is a home based business, run by the owners Liesl and Gary. Although they don't have many cars, they do have a wide variety. Anything from our little old Laser right up to minivans, Jeeps, and even a BMW Z3 convertible!

What we found was that the personalized service was far better than anything we have ever experienced at a typical rental company. When we asked about keeping the car for three extra days when we returned to Cape Town, they said "no problem"! And then, they happily drove us to the airport when we dropped the car off.

So when you need a car in Cape Town and area, these folks get our recommendation!


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    1. We were very pleased with them and their personal service, and we were happy with car and that says a lot.

  2. I keep a travel note book and I've entered the above rental web site to that book. I guess it's old age that makes me keep a note book rather on a computer storage somewhere. I also added ..... I never knew there was such a thing .... it sure would make my budget stretch.

    1. But it's not ""'s

  3. Thats sounds like a great small company with personal service that can't be beat.


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