Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Friday, December 13, 2013

We took a day off.

We actually took a day to do nothing yesterday.

The original plan had us driving again yesterday, but in all honesty we simply didn't feel like it! So we used up our "spare". Besides, it is so relaxing at Hakusembe River Lodge that it didn't take much convincing for either one of us!

Plus, the lodge has really good internet and we had some work to do, and some planning for our next few days, weeks and months. So although we did find some time to spend beside their beautiful pool and read a book, we still got some things accomplished that we wouldn't have had we continued on with our schedule.

I spent a couple of hours under that umbrella yesterday!

Can't believe that was the only picture we took yesterday. While we've been totally enjoying our Namibia trip, it has been a lot of non-stop activity and there hasn't really been a lot of time to simply relax.

So, that was it! Pretty short blog post, so we'll include another bird picture...

This is a Hamerkop. Also known as Hammerkop, Hammerkopf, Hammerhead, Hammerhead Stork, Umbrette, Umber Bird, Tufted Umber, or Anvilhead bird.

Call it what you like!


  1. Hard to believe you guys took a day off. But if anybody deserves one, you do. all those little things pile up and it is so good to get them done and out of the way.

  2. I was wondering if a day off would ever happen. I find I want lots of days off; it's a hold-over from an insanely scheduled life when I was working in nursing administration. Yikes, the meetings, appointments, email, budget preparation, traveling - and that's not counting taking care of the patients!

  3. A PARTIAL day-off... pheew...it's about time! Here's to "serendipity"! We are awaiting your next serendipitous adventure...relax and enjoy the adventure.

  4. I don't think I'd want to leave either. Under that umbrella looks like a nice spot. Chill.

  5. The travelling is fun but running everyday gets to be almost like work. Nice to kick back and take it easy for a change.

  6. That looks like a fabulous place to take a day off. I don't think I could do your pace. George is right, having something every day begins to feel like work to me even if they are great thing.

  7. Nothing like being able to hang out in a nice place for a while.

  8. What is the white stuff on the ground in the bird picture? We are getting 20 cm more of the cold white stuff today here in Ottawa (with -25C windchill).

  9. Thank you for taking a day off. After following your travels, I needed a day to catch my breath, too! :c)

  10. Good for you!! Nice to just sit and relax.


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