Scenery from the one hour train ride between Bangkok and Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Khao Yai National Park, Thailand on December 13th.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

African camping adventure over...time for a change of pace!

Well, our three and a half week camping adventure in Namibia has come to an end. This morning, we arrived back at Rivendell Guesthouse in the capital city of Windhoek and will be handing back the keys to our 4x4 camping truck this afternoon.

So, what do we have planned for December?

Thanks to our facebook fans (Thank You all!), we're going to be working with Gondwana Lodges to show you each and every one of their properties in Namibia. They operate twelve different properties around Namibia and we've already previewed a couple of them so we're excited to be able to stay for a few days at each one.

Our expenses may be a little higher because most of these properties are not self catering. Bed and breakfast are included though, so we'll be filling up on a delicious buffet breakfast each morning. Lunches and dinners, we will be breaking into the savings account because these places are a step up for us. Dinners will cost approx N$220 ($23.76) each. But from what we've seen, they are top quality!

We're also working with Namibia Car Rental and our vehicle for the month will allow us to show you a couple of other areas of Namibia that we weren't able to with our camping vehicle. One, we have special plans to make it to the Caprivi Strip, a narrow section of Namibia that ends with borders of four other countries!

Can you see Namibia's Caprivi Strip??

Going to the Caprivi strip may also mean that we will make it to the world famous Victoria Falls. We won't decide for sure until we get there, because from what we've heard, the worst drought in 30 years has dried the falls down to a trickle!

Speaking of drought,, we've also got three days planned where we will be visiting the remote northwest area of Namibia to visit the Himba villages. After talking to someone who has been, we've decided it's worth the effort. More on that later.

We will end up back in Windhoek on December 30th when we plan on hopping on a bus to our next destination...Cape Town, South Africa!

Looked like we were going to get some rain yesterday, but we only got a rainbow!


  1. Now off on another adventure, enjoy this part of the journey, we will be right there with you.

  2. love breakfast...fillup and skip lunch. Hopefully there will be plenty for Ruth with her special diet needs. Their interior department needs to give me a free trip if they want rain, seems like I bring bad weather where I go, went to Mexico coldest week on record there! :-)
    hard to believe you have been there 3.5 weeks already..its going fast. Do they celebrate Christmas at all. Having European roots did not know if there were any Christian religions practiced

  3. At $23.76 a person I would definitely skip lunch and have a huge buffet breakfast instead!

    BTW last August the Namibians renamed the Caprivi Strip the "Zambezi Region." Apparently Caprivi was one of those colonial Germans.

  4. We're following along, looking forward to your next adventure! :c)

  5. I'm very comfortable with my "arm-chair-tour of Namibia" and can hardly wait for the next installment!

  6. I have been getting my "Jorge" fix through your travels. Very cool information and I love the pictures and the way in which you write it out.

  7. Thanks fornyour first installment, always a good read. Lokking forward to the next few weeks! Awesome adventure,

  8. It seems like you are taking a Bus trip where you can hop off at different stops as you please. Because a Bus ride from Windheok to Capetown is one long sucker. It appears that you are going to bypass Kurger National park which I'm sure you would enjoy

  9. Enjoy your new style adventure, feel sure you resourceful people will figure out a way to do some meals without having to eat in the post restaurants EVERY night ! Can't believe how the time has flown and that you already have to hand back the camper. Overall what was your opinion on that style of campervan versus a motorhome ?

  10. Looking forward to the next leg of the adventure.

  11. Boy I can tell how far out of touch I've been by how many of your posts I have missed. You've moved on from camping. New adventures - I'm looking forward to it. On to the next post.


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