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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Etosha Safari Camp

Yesterday, we told you about where we stayed at the Etosha Safari Lodge. Well adjacent to that property is the Gondwana Collection's Etosha Safari Camp.

While we didn't actually overnight here, we did go down for dinner because it's a totally different experience than it was staying at the Lodge.

"Camp" is not a very accurate term, although there actually is a campground on the property. We neglected to get pics of the campground itself, but it's very green and with lots of trees. However, we did get some pics of the rest of the property.

Reception at Etosha Safari Camp.

Like the Lodge, the Camp is located only 9 kms from the Andersson gate to Etosha National Park. It's a little more laid back than the Lodge, and more basic. So it caters more to the backpacker crowd and if you're into that it can be more fun too! It's also cheaper, with rooms in low season going for N$580 ($63) per person with breakfast!

Pretty easy to spend a couple of hours here!

There are 50 bungalow style chalets on the property. Decorated simply, but with air conditioning and an interesting shower stall!

An interesting shower stall in each bathroom!

The rooms.

But the most fun part of Etosha Safari Camp is the bar! We went down there for dinner one night to check things out...

Ruth, at the bar! What a neat place!

Pre-dinner entertainment!

Dinner was, once again, delicious.

The staff were playing music and dancing throughout dinner. It was definitely a fun experience, and we actually have a great video of the experience that we'll have to upload when we have a really good source of internet!

Although we can't offer an opinion on staying at the Camp, we wanted to show it to you as a cheaper option to the Lodge where we had stayed. 


  1. love the shower...baby elephants at dinner. any problems I wonder with them trying to take food off of plates

  2. That is a really neat bar, great ambiance. Ruth is really getting into that "safari" look! ;c)

  3. Love the header picture. Ruth you totally look like you are on safari! Love the bathroom too! At $63 a head even the low season is too high for me. I want to grow up to be just like you two and get someone else to pay for my travels. Food looks delicious. What's on your plate?

  4. I am wondering what spices they cook with besides salt? The food looks delicious! What's the price for a beer at the bar?

  5. More fun, more food, more friends, more adventures ......


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