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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kalahari Farmhouse

We recently spent two nights at the Gondwana Collection's Kalahari Farmhouse near Stampriet, Namibia. This place is a little different because the lodge and chalet rooms are situated on an actual working farm.

And you can even have a tour of the farm.

Because of the "farm" theme, the rooms have a definitely rural ambience...

Our room. Simple, but comfortable.

Loved the bathroom sink and fixtures. Especially the rainwater shower head!

We almost wished that it was cold enough to light a fire in the fireplace!

Our front porch...complete with farm cat!

They grow grapes on the farm as well.

The most interesting part about this farm? First of all, it employs about half of the nearby town of Stampriet. Second, the farm is owned by Gondwana Collection and it supplies fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, and meat directly to all of the Gondwana lodges in Namibia. This guarantees the best fresh foods on your plate at any of the lodges!

Stuffed tomato appetizer.

Kudu steak with fresh veggies and potatoes.

Lemon dessert.

Another farm cat.

Now that's a different Christmas Tree!

Mandy took us for a tour of the farm. She works in the dairy where they make all the fresh cheese. We can tell you, Mandy is a great cheese maker!

Greenhouses for growing lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, squash, etcetera!

Almost ready for picking!

It rained a lot while we were at the Kalahari Farmhouse, but we really enjoyed sitting on the porch of our chalet with a glass of wine and watching the rain come down. It's a relaxing place to hang out for a couple of days!

Oh, and they have a really cool bar!

Kevin, hanging out at the bar!

Relaxing by the pool.

Not much in the way of criticism, although one thing bothered us both. Of course it's a farm, so there are more flies around than normal. You know, like house flies. Doesn't normally bother us, but when you're sat down to a nice meal, it would nice to not have them buzzing around all the time. It's also nice that they have the windows wide open during meals because everybody likes the fresh air. But there are no screens on the windows. We both think this would be an easy fix by having screens on the windows, especially because this is a farm.

Otherwise, it's a comfortable place to read a book for a couple of days and simply relax!

Kalahari Farmhouse


  1. Wow what a great place and the food looks absolutely scrumptious. I think I would agree about the flies. Do they really just get used to that at those gorgeous meals???

    1. The place was beautiful and yes the meal was great! There weren't tons of flies but enough to make the mealtime not as enjoyable as it could be.

  2. nice resort. oryx steak kudu steaks, boy lots of steak. is the taste similar to beef?

    1. I guess the oryx and kudu steaks taste a little bit like beef but with a more gamy kind of taste, probably more like deer or elk

  3. Enjoyed the tour of the farm! Do they have screens in the lodges?

    1. Our room windows had screens but the main lodge where the restaurant, bar, kitchen and sitting area did not have screens.

  4. I like staying at working farms in South Africa. Getting really fresh food is great, but maybe not with all the flies.

    1. Maybe we will have to look at accommodations at some of these working farms in South Africa, thanks for the idea.

    2. This fruit farm was a great place to stay And if you get to Barrydale along the famous wine Route 62 in the Western Cape plan to stay at Warmwaterberg Spa for a few days.

    3. Thank you Gaelyn, Kevin will have a look at these.


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