Polar bear at the Toronto Zoo, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Top of Sugar Loaf Mountain

It was only a short 5 mile (8 km) hike yesterday, but it took us to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain which gave us some beautiful panoramic views. With the wind it was still a bit chilly, but we were lucky that it was a nice sunny day for the most part.

The car park itself was fairly high up, but because the hiking route took us close to Abergavenny, we really did hike the entire distance up to the top. So we don't feel like we cheated by parking half way up!

Even the view from the car park was worthwhile.

Kevin with his new coat. He was happy that he had it.

We are headed up here!

Helen and Ruth looking down at where we came from.

Kevin and Ruth at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Here's a 51 second video taken from the top. You can hear how windy it was if you turn your volume up to listen to my commentary!

We found a bit of a sheltered spot to have some lunch.

Coming down the other side, looking towards England.

Nice view of the city of Abergavenny, Wales.

It was a good hike, and on a beautiful day! Took us just over three hours, including a half hour or so break for lunch. 

Helen and Tony are heading back home today, so it's just us and Harvey the dog for the next week or so until Helen and Rick arrive back from their trip to British Columbia. Then another couple of days after that we will be in Iceland for five days, and then to Halifax to visit our daughter and her family. Then to Ottawa and area for a few days and then driving to Mexico! So we've got a week to relax, and then it's going to be a busy October!!!


  1. Looks like a pretty cool windy day there. But will probably get much cooler before you get to the warm weather on Mexico. Enjoy your time there.

  2. You guys do look chilly up there.

    Driving to Mexico? I thought you left Sherman at Hacienda Contraras. Are you going to bring a toad down?

    1. Hi Mike, yes, we are getting our little car out of storage in Ottawa, and driving to meet Sherman at Hacienda Contreras in Mexico.

  3. Sure is windy on Sugar Loaf Mt - more great views! Nice you all got another chance to be together.

  4. Some lovely views.


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