Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Holwerd, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harvey has a friend!

We did our normal morning and afternoon walks with Harvey. Still exploring different trails from the house, so we don't have any need to go any further afield yet. I got the hoover (vacuum) out and did some housework. Ruth did the bathrooms and got the other bedroom ready for Tony and Helen. And she baked some chocolate chip cookies!

You'll remember Tony and Helen from the first three weeks of July when we stayed with them near Bristol. Helen is Ruth's cousin. Anyhow, they're only about two hours drive from here, so they're coming to visit us for a few days.

Scenery out for a walk.

There are paths and trails and dirt tracks leading everywhere.

Harvey and Ruth

Came across the old ruins of a house. I always wanted to rummage around an old ruins like this with a metal detector! But of course there's no buried treasure anywhere in England.

And then another house ruin.

Tony and Helen showed up around 8:00pm, and we had dinner and drinks and laughs for the rest of the evening. And Harvey got to meet Chester! Tony and Helen's dog is about two years old, so he's still bouncing off the walls and wanting to play. Harvey is around ten years old, so he's a little more docile. Harvey had to put Chester in his place a few times, and it was interesting to watch the older wiser dog tell the youngster that it's not his house, and we do things by my rules! After a little growling by Harvey, they now seem to get along fine.

Up around 7:00am this morning, and the power had gone off at some point. Didn't have any internet, and had to do a bunch of resets and reboots to get everything back online, but eventually got it figured out as you can see by this post!

Another beautiful morning, so we're taking Harvey and Chester out for a walk on the common.


  1. It is so nice to see how dogs get along, thats the way people should be. Enjoy your visitors.

  2. Our Scooter (who is also 10) puts every other dog in their place even if it's not her place. Dogs definitely have a barking order.
    I bet Harvey is a happy old dog with all the walks he's getting.

    1. Harvey was getting walks before but he is enjoying them with us too.

  3. There is a metal detector somewhere, try the garage or the laundry room.
    Glad all is running smoothly!

    1. Thanks Helen, Kevin will try to look around for it tomorrow.

      Harvey said to give the girls a big lick for him and that he is missing them. Hope you are having a great time and that the weather is good.

  4. It's nice that you're getting another chance to spend time with your relatives. The walks on the dirt roads thru the countryside are great. Love seeing what it looks like there - so beautiful!

  5. Just what you'd expect to see on an English countryside walk. I think I would enjoy house sitting and having roots and a place to explore from for a little while.


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