Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Slochteren, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A visit to Dore Abbey

Dore Abbey is near the village of Abbey Dore. It's only about 1.5 miles from the village of Ewyas Harold where we are staying, so yesterday morning's walk with Harvey the dog took us over the common area and down to the Abbey.

And it was a beautiful day yesterday! Clear blue sky, and temperature about 18C (65F).

Climbing the hill to the common area, we always turn around and admire the view.

Harvey and Kevin.

Harvey and Ruth.

Harvey is such a good boy to walk with. He never wanders very far and always waits to see which direction we're going when we come to a choice in paths. Only problem is that some of the stiles we have to climb over are not very dog friendly, and unfortunately Harvey is a little too big for us to simply pick up and lift him over! So we have to sometimes turn around and find different routes to let us through.

Our first view of the Abbey.

Only problem was, the next stile was not made for dogs. We had to turn around and find another route. Now that we're getting to know the area, it makes it a little easier every time because we know which ones are better for dogs and which ones aren't.

Finally made it down to the roadway and the entrance gate.

Dore Abbey is a beautiful old building!

One of the things we love about visiting churches is that you never know what to expect when you see the inside. Some churches we've visited have been very plain on the outside, and then very ornate on the inside...and some are the other way around. Dore Abbey was one of those ones that simply has "wow" factor when you open the door. The inside just seems cavernous and original. It seems like you pass through the door and enter the 17th century!

Ruth and Harvey in the main entrance of Dore Abbey.

The doors are left open for daytime visitors even though there is nobody there. It was neat to be able to wander around freely all by ourselves.

Even the staircase to the tower was open. However...

We will come back next week with a flashlight!

The Abbey was originally founded in 1147, and dissolved in 1537. Much of the original buildings were dismantled, and the remaining section was left to ruin until it was renovated into a church in the year 1634. It has been used as a church ever since. The last renovations took place in 1909.

The worship area.

The oldest gravestone I could find. Some of them are no longer legible, but this one is very clear.

Many of the wall paintings are original, and some of them even date back to the monks time before the 1500's!

Some of the exterior ruins.

When you build stone walls three feet thick, apparently they will last over 1,000 years!

Looks like another nice day so far today...Harvey needs his morning walk, so we're off to explore some more!


  1. Just like a step back in time. Thanks so much for the tour, get the flashlight and take us up the tower next.

  2. Your walks are so great - it must be heavenly to walk out the door into past history just like that - what a find this day!!!

  3. Hi guys, can you post a picture of a stile? I read about them in nursery rhymes but never saw one. And its cool how they combined the letter t and h in lyeth. To save space maybe? Adios y que se divierten.

    1. We'll hopefully get a picture of a stile in the next post or two.

  4. Definitely a WOW factor for the Abbey. Not even with a flashlight would I attempt those steps. This old ankle of mine doesn't like uneven places. So I'm waiting for pictures.

  5. Harvey will be 10lbs lighter when you get through with him.

  6. Well, I hope you take the staircase. If not, it will have to be on our list of places to go! Too cool. Don't think you would find something like that in the U.S., too much liability. That's why I love Mexico, you are responsible for yourself and your decisions.

    Interesting on the stone, that was 345 years ago. I could travel back in time and based on the language, people would understand me. Hmmm, time travel, real or imaginary. We do know that the astronauts travel about 2 seconds ahead in time. Could it be possible? Maybe I have been reading too much.

    Come back to Mexico, we miss you guys.

    1. We have mentioned the liability thing to each other on several occasions while being over here in Europe, like several of those trails that we did. As you say people need to be responsible for their own actions.

      We are slowly making our way there Chris, it is going to start getting too cold soon.

  7. Those are such cool old buildings. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to climb the tower. I'll just let you tell us about it and enjoy it that way.

  8. A beautiful day, looks like some nice relaxing time coming up. I love the old churches that echo back to the days they were built. I think I prefer them to the ornate although they too are very gorgeous and intricate.


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