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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Best Hotel in Budapest!

Well, we don't know if it's the best, but we can't figure why anyone would want anything better. The Casati Budapest Hotel has everything you would need, as well as a helpful staff that are proud to show off the newly renovated boutique hotel.

The hotel is located in an 18th century building that used to be a series of apartment flats. It was turned into a hotel in 2001 and was formerly called the Hotel Pest. But a new owner has renovated the hotel and it's 25 rooms are now ultra modern, but still maintain the contemporary elegance of the building's original heritage.

The exterior facade of the Casati Budapest Hotel.

The hotel underwent a three month renovation, and only re-opened on June 15, 2012. There are now four styles of rooms, with local artwork matching the style of the room...Cool, Classic, Natural, and Heaven!

The entrance to our room. We were in number 41.

Our room was one of the "Cool" rooms!

Modern bathroom with all the amenities.

I have to say one thing. This bathroom has the best shower ever! Loads of hot water, easy to adjust the temperature, and one of those shower heads that makes you feel like you're standing under a waterfall! Absolutely heaven taking a shower here!

A full buffet breakfast is included with your stay at the Casati Budapest Hotel.

A great start to the day on a full stomach!

There is an exercise room and wellness center in the basement. This is a great idea, because the workout room is naturally cooler and that makes for a better environment for your workout. But then, there's also a massage room where they will arrange a masseuse to come in and relax your muscles if you wish, and a sauna room as well.

Ruth, having a look at the sauna.

The exercise room is well equipped.

We absolutely loved the decor in the bar!

One of the hotel's Natural Rooms.

The interior rooms look out onto a beautiful courtyard.

They even have a single room designed in the Heaven motif, for the solo traveler.

And, one of the Classic rooms.

The hotel has an excellent location, within walking distance to everything in the central area and only minutes from the nearest Metro station as well. The hotel is quickly becoming a popular destination and it might be worthwhile to book in advance. There were three empty rooms the other night, but apparently they were sold out before we went to bed! They are currently renting for around €98 ($122.50) per night, but you can check reservation status and current pricing here...

Ruth, with the General Manager, Mr. Gabor Erdos.


  1. A beautiful hotel - I like that they have hardwood floors instead of carpet. Safe travels back to England tonight!

  2. Wow, the hotel really does look amazing! The town is fabulous and since I am part Hungarian, I guess Doug & I should put it on our radar, sooner or later!! What kind of deal did you guys end up swinging for the room. It looked really beautiful - and breakfast included too!!!

    1. If you and Doug have a chance to make it to Hungary then you definitely need to visit Budapest. It's a beautiful city. The hotel was great and the breakfast was big enough to satisfy us until dinner time with just a light snack needed in between, like an yummy ice cream and a hot summer day.

  3. WOW, I stayed there in 2009 when it was the Hotel Pest, hard to believe the difference. I love Budapest, it is one of my favorite destinations!

    1. I hope the change was for the good. We certainly enjoyed our stay with the new look.

  4. What a wonderful boutique hotel. You two are doing such a terrific job of showing us this part of Europe. We are living vicariously through you. :)

  5. nice very nice hotel!!..boutique hotels are the best!!

    1. We agree. You feel more of a person than just and customer and they certainly made us feel very welcome.

  6. What an interesting place... so nice to see a business recreate a new use for an older building , instead of ripping it down and putting up some stupid new metal and glass monstrosity!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

    1. They have done a beautiful job renovating it and also welcoming the young Hungarian artists with their work in the rooms and in their small art gallery.

  7. Certainly and interesting hotel. Historical exterior with such a modern interior, very different than you'd expect.


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