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Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting to know the area

Sunday morning, we went for a walk around the village and then into the surrounding hills. There are so many trails in the immediate area that it's going to be easy to find somewhere new every day!

Even though the house we're looking after is in the middle of the village of Ewyas Harold, you would never know it. In the yard, you almost can't see any of the surrounding homes, and then when you exit the property you can pretty much walk directly into the Ewyas Harold Common, a 120 acre public area with walking trails and nature.

Annabel and the Exmoor ponies.

There are six wild Exmoor ponies that roam freely on the common. They'll come up to see if you have a carrot or something for them, but they're pretty quick to shy away once they find out that you don't.

Harvey loves the water, even in this almost dried up pond!

Some of the scenery.

A bench along the way with a nice view.

Looking down on the village of Ewyas Harold.

And then we walked through the village. There is a shop, two pubs, a fish and chips restaurant, an elementary school, and a couple of churches in the village. Oh, and a dentist office!

Two pubs on the right, and fish and chips on the left.

Only open Wed-Sun, apparently this little fish and chips place is pretty busy!

And then we just relaxed for most of the day. Today, we'll go into the city (about 20 minutes drive) and do a big grocery shop because we don't really have the use of a car while we're here. There is a car they're leaving behind for us in case of emergency, but I'd just as soon not use it if we don't have to. Besides, Ruth's cousin Helen and husband Tony are coming this Friday evening for a few days, so we'll be able to go out and about in their car as we need to.


  1. I still recall the words of one of my friends when he was in England visiting relatives a few years back. "Gawd I love this country! There's a pub on every corner!".
    True. True.

  2. Gotta love small towns and the scenic countryside, enjoy!

  3. Lovely country and the pubs are definitely the best part:)

  4. Oh I love the shot of the fish n chips place and the red phone booth... just so adorable!

    Did Harvey stink after getting outta that pond? LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

    1. Yep, he has a bit of an odor but it doesn't make sense to wash him because he'll be back in there on his very next walk.

  5. Chester says the walks look GREAT! See you soon

  6. I'm not much in British weather. But they have hiking paths and pubs all over the place and that really moves them up in my estimation.

  7. Looks like a cute little town.


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