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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've never been to Bristol, and Ruth was there many years ago as a child so it's pretty much all new for us. There's quite a lot to see here, so it's going to be a busy two days!

We were up at 6:00am yesterday morning and Glen drove us to the train station. Thanks Glen! Our train left on time and that gave us forty minutes or so to get to our bus stop which was lots of time. We took the MegaBus at only £5.00 ($8.25) each for the five hour journey. If you book these types of trips as much in advance as you can, the cheaper the price is!

The bus was a bit of a milk run, stopping in Manchester and Birmingham. And it was delayed a bit, with us eventually arriving in Bristol at around 2:30pm. We walked over to the tourist office and picked up our info packet. Problem then was, what to do with our bags. We looked for somewhere that would bags, and we walked around for an hour looking for it! Kind of a waste of time, but it gave us the quick walking tour of the downtown area anyhow. Eventually, we decided to hop on the "hop on hop off" bus tour with our bags, and that gave us the quickie tour of the best way to see things in more detail today.

Sunglasses must mean the sun is shining! But it was mostly overcast.

The world's first ocean going cruiseliner, the SS Great Britain, is permanently docked in bristol. We'll be visiting the interior today!

The Clifton suspension bridge was built in 1864! Still in use today for road traffic.

And then, the battery in the camera died. But that's fine, because you'll get a more detailed tour in tomorrow's blog update.

We found a pub advertising curry at £3.50 ($5.78) a plate so we stopped in for supper. From there, we called our Bristol couchsurfing hosts Cynthia and Nigel. They decided to come down and meet us for supper. We ended up having a few drinks that kind of took away from the fact that the food was cheap! But I'm sure that's the idea behind the cheap food prices. Still, we had fun. Then they took us for a walking tour and now we have a good idea of our orientation for today's tour.

And then it was back to their place where we stayed up past midnight getting acquainted! 

Okay, off to tour Bristol in a little more detail!


  1. I have that battery issue once in a while. The lithiums (not sure if that's what you have or not, but I'm guessing you do) work great for the longest time, and then with very little warning (well, for me anyway) it goes down hill pretty fast. Mostly an operator issue I suppose, but it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time.
    I'm having fun watching you have fun.

  2. Keep up the yours and having fun. We are enjoying this.

  3. glad you are enjoying yourselves!!!..keep on having fun!..and hope that the need for sunglasses stays with you!

  4. Looking forward to the tour of the SS Great Britan

  5. You can't always have a 'cheap' day!!! Just go with the flow and enjoy.

  6. The curry was OK, we have definitely had much better but the company was great.

  7. Have a great time!


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