A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Whiskey and Cameron

April 7th

Not anything too exciting happening here at the moment.  It has still been unseasonably cold and windy with the exception of today.

Whiskey seems to be doing well.  She is eating her food and keeping it down as well as the water so that is a good thing.  She is leaking a little more than what she had been during the last week since being off the medication for her incontinence but nothing that the doggie diapers can’t handle.  She returns to the vets tomorrow at 4pm to give her another check-up and see how she is.  She has even wanted to go for a walk these last couple of days.  Yesterday it was just to the corner of the street and back, but today we went down the street the other way to the corner and back and I figure that was probably getting close to 1km (.6mi).  She seemed to enjoy herself, stopping to sniff the different smells and had a bit of a bounce in her step.  She is still coughing or clearing her throat though and her bark still sounds funny, it’s almost supressed sounding.

Tuesday, Kevin and I hung out in Sherman until after lunch when we got an email from Lindsey saying they were headed over to Justin’s Grandfather’s place to show him Cameron and that we were free to head over to the apartment and when they came back we would have pizza for supper.  We then hung out with them for a while before heading back to Sherman.

Lindsey and Cameron (3 days old)

Ruth, Cameron (4 days old) and Kevin

Grandpa and Cameron

Baby Cameron

Wednesday morning it was an early start to the day as Kevin had mentioned.  We were up at 3:30am and out the door just before 4am to make our way to the airport in Halifax about 1 hour and 15 minutes away.  Lindsey and Justin leant us their car to make the journey.  Driving back I realized how much I enjoy being a passenger rather than a driver, especially having to drive at night.  I had no problems driving back but I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy the drive back a whole lot.  Back at Sherman by about 6:15am, I hoped back into bed for another hour or so.  Lindsey and Justin went to his mother’s in the afternoon and said I was welcome to come over to the apartment again for the afternoon.

Today I headed over to the apartment about 12:30pm and made a chilli in the crockpot for super, then Lindsey and I headed to Berwick with Cameron so that Lindsey could purchase a couple of items that she needed.  This is the little town that Kevin and I stopped at on Monday and used the library’s internet.  Cameron was such a good little guy the whole time we were gone and of course got the obliquatory “what a cute baby” “he’s so sweet” and “he’s a pretty new little guy” while we were in the stores.  Whiskey sat and guarded him in the back seat while we were driving to and from Berwick to make sure no harm came to him. 

Mommy, Cameron and Daddy

So as I said not much happening.  Today the sun was shinning so the batteries got charged up nicely.  It is still cold but did get a bit better as the day went on and the wind had died right down by the end of the day which is nice.  Sherman won’t be rocking so much, hopefully I will be warmer in bed tonight.  Last night I froze, I even got up in the night and turned the temperature up a bit more.  Sure makes a difference with only one person in bed, not as much body heat even with Whiskey curled up tight beside me. 

Time for bed now, Whiskey is already there waiting.


  1. Good to see Whiskey is taking to Cameron and being his protector, every dog needs a kid so they have a buddy around at all times. Rigg's & Sadie are all over the Grand Daughter when she gets home from school each day. Same for Chris & Adam. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Glad to hear everybody is doing well.Hope your temps warm up a bit.

  3. It's great that you can be there for your new grandbaby. Good wishes to all of you.

  4. Cameron is so cute. I'm partial to little boys! Your son looks so young. I can't believe we were such young parents once. Enjoy your family time!

  5. I hope you all get some warm weather soon :-)

  6. Sam and Donna...Cameron can't reach out and grab Whiskey so she doesn't care, really she basically ignores him just like Lindsey's two cats. If they don't bother her so she doesn't bother them.

    Kenny and Angela...Thank you.

    Malone...Thanks, we are happy to be here too.

    Kevin and Evelyn...I guess you are partial to boys. It is nice having one of each two though. That is actually our son-in-law and yes they look young, but I was only a couple of months older than Lindsey when I had her.

    Ron...So do we, thanks!

    Chuck and Anneke...Thank you, we think he is too. So far he is being a good little baby.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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