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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brier Island (day 2)

Time for another change of scenery! We drove over to the other side of the island, and sure enough there were quite a few nice spots to boondock.  There’s no lighthouse at the end of this road, but there is a small parking area for “Sandy Beach”. And there is some sand at this beach but it’s still pretty rocky to me. My idea of a sandy beach would have us quite a bit further south!

It was pretty hazy this morning, and they were calling for clouds and rain in the afternoon. We took Whiskey for a short walk near where we were parked, then we left her with Sherman so that we could do a long hike. We took the coast trail over to the “West Light” lighthouse, and then took the road inland as a shortcut back to Sherman. We were gone about two hours.

Ruth, walking towards West Light

There was a beached whale just past the lighthouse. From a distance, we thought it was an overturned boat of some kind because it was kind of orange in color, but I saw quite a few birds around it and we decided it was worth a closer look. Seeing a dead whale on the beach is not the way you want to see a whale...but it’s interesting nonetheless. More interesting is that the whales usually don’t show up in these waters until late May.

Sorry for the somewhat nasty picture of a dead animal. You don't think twice about a dead squirrel at the side of the road, but seeing a whale, even dead, is kind of interesting.

Sure enough, at the West Light there were another couple of decent parking spots to overnight, however we won’t take advantage of them until we return sometime in the summer.

It was a cold, windy walk back and having a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch really hit the spot! The rest of the afternoon became worse, and the wind was howling. Seemed like the wind was going right through Sherman, and the furnace was cycling a lot trying to keep up. Brrrrr! Eventually, we gave up and went to bed early, turning the furnace right off.

Parked up at GPS 44.23789 -66.36634

Woke up this morning to fog, although the wind has totally stopped. High tide isn’t until 4:00pm this afternoon, so we don’t want to get on the ferry to leave until nearer to then. It doesn’t get dark until after 8:00pm though, so we’ll probably drive back to Digby this evening. Then, back to Kentville tomorrow morning.

Today's drive, 6.4 kms (4.0 miles)!


  1. Some of the pictures convey the cold wind, you guys sure can find scenic locations though, even when the weather isn't sunny. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Certainly a nice spot there, too bad about the whale thou. Seeing as spring is not happening maybe we will just go right to summer, overnight maybe?
    Have a good drive today and a Happy Easter with your family.

  3. It is sad about the whale but it is the circle of life I guess.Have a good Easter on Monday with the family.

  4. I am so impressed how you find all these boondocking spots. It is something we hope to do someday and I am so inspired by you.

  5. As much hiking as we do I am so shocked that we never come across a dead deer or elk. But to come across a dead whale - now that's something. The color forces you to keep looking at... The cirlce of life right before your eyes! When does it start to warm up there? All those layers. However here in Rufus its raining pretty good and we have our heater on.
    Happy Easter!!

  6. Wind is awful, it can make horrid sounds and creep into any crevice. We have had experience with a few dead whales in the Acapulco area. There because of the heat they smell was unbelievable, even a mile away. We had to shut up the RV and turn on the A/C. They had to bring in a bulldozer to bury it.

    Meanwhile have a Happy Easter and wonderful dinner tomorrow.

  7. Wow windy and cloudy, not fun!
    Travel safe.


  8. Sam and Donna...Going on the hike was quite nice, coming back was really windy. Sure would be nice to see spring.

    George and Suzie...It is such a shame to see a whale like that, but maybe it died naturally and just washed up. That's what we would like to think happened.

    Kenny and Angela...I agree with you, it is the circle of life. Hope you and your family had a nice Easter.

    Janie and John...Thank you! We will try to continue and show you more beautiful spots.

    Evielynne...I'm surprised we don't come across more either. Where do the wild animals go to die? Stay warm, spring should be here soon.

    Contessa...Yep, the wind really makes things much colder than what they are. The smell on this one was bad if you were downwind of it.

    WBY...No not fun, but we make the best of it. It's better then the alternative.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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