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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taking Sherman for a drive

Apr 4

The church parking lot where we’ve got Sherman is used during the week by the college next door. It starts to fill up by 8:30am, so we fired up Sherman just after 7:00am and drove to another church down the road where we could sit for a couple of hours until the propane place opened.

There is only one propane fill station in this part of the Annapolis Valley that is suitable for a motorhome, so unfortunately they can pretty much set their own prices. And we were getting close to empty, so didn’t have a choice. We paid $72.76 for 64.9 litres (17 gallons) of propane. That’s $1.12 per litre ($4.25 per gallon). We were paying $0.44 per litre in Mexico. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to fill it again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then the weather will start to warm up.

Some nice old homes in the Annapolis Valley

Then, we drove the backroads to the town of Berwick where we sat and used the library internet for a couple of hours. There was a very bad windstorm that went through this area on December 13th, and a lot of trees were knocked over. Now that the snow is gone they are still cleaning up from that storm. Some people’s yards had a lot of damage and it almost looks like there are logging operations going on. Sorry we didn’t get any suitable pictures.

Then we went on to the Greenwood Shopping Mall. Yes, they have a free RV dump station at the mall. We’re really surprised that Walmart hasn’t taken to providing a free dump station and water fill at their stores. Or some kind of deal whereby if you spend a minimum amount at the store, you get to use the dump station.

It was about 50 kms (30 miles) each way to Greenwood, so it was nice to get out for a short drive. There are a lot of orchards, small farms, and farmers markets in the area, so it will be nice in the spring when things get green and growing!

We had to be back in Kentville for 5:00pm for Whiskey’s vet appointment. As I had mentioned when I posted the blog yesterday, she slept well Sunday night, and was pretty good all day Monday. We haven’t given her any medication, and she’s not even leaking. It’s very strange. Anyhow, the vet wants to discontinue the antibiotics, as she thinks that’s what caused the problems we had on Sunday. They gave us a credit for the ones we hadn’t used, so that was very fair of them. And we will wean her off the diuretic over the next few days, and reduce the heart contraction medication. Keeping fingers crossed that she can live somewhat of a normal life after that. I still think we're missing something, like a blockage or restriction in her esophagus maybe, but there's no way to tell for sure without another xray, and then from what I've read there would likely be no treatment for something like that anyhow. We'll take it one day at a time.

Parked back up at the church tonight. Giving Lindsey, Justin, and Cameron some time to themselves to get settled at home. Not much sun today, and we need to conserve battery power for the furnace, so just sat and read books by one light this evening. And they’re calling for rain the next couple of days, although it is supposed to be warmer. This may be where our four batteries will get tested at their low!


  1. That is a awsome picture on your header I like. Hope you get some sun to charge up your batteries.

  2. Glad you got out for a drive and filled up with expensive propane, something you just had to do. Hope Whiskey is doing better and you get some needed sunshine.

  3. To bad you don't have any electric hookup, you could use a couple of small space heaters, it doesn't take many watts to put out enough heat to heat one room at a time, That propane can get really expensive to depend on as your only source of heat. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. That is really high for propane. Hope you don't have to get it too often.

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Seeing the old homes brings a smile to my face. I grew up in Torbrook Mines (outside of Greenwood) and spent a few years in Canning (behind Wolfville). The Annaoplis Valley is so beautiful! I look forward to more pics, and hope for warmer weather for you soon and wish Whiskey well :) Happy Travels

  6. I'm actually looking forward to Apple Blossom Time. My guess is there will be pictures. I haven't been in N.S. at that time of the year since well, 67?
    Had to think about that. OK, I'm not really Methuselah, I was a kid at the time. Funny how the Bluenosers come out of the woodwork!
    You were within a kilometre or so of my brother's hobby farm over on Torbrook Road. Just west of Tremont. He likes to play with his Belgians.
    Keep warm, winter has been a bit of a long haul for some folks in Canada. We've certainly been lucky here, so I'm sure not complaining.

  7. Kenny and Angela...We love this picture too, it is one of our favourites. Still hoping for the sun.

    George and Suzie...Thanks, Whiskey is having another good day. We're hoping it will continue.

    Sam and Donna...We have a little heater but as you say no electric hook up for us. We just need it to get a little warmer that's all. Soon I hope!

    pidge...We hope not too. When we don't need the furnace it lasts quite a while. Overall it's still cheaper than staying in RV parks.

    Brooke (Siayla)...The Annaoplis Valley is beautiful, looking forward to seeing everything green though. The two houses in these pictures are from Kentville and both are B&B places. There are many old homes here. We're hoping for warmer weather too. Whiskey had another good day yesterday.

    Bob...Our daughter just said to me the other day that we would be here for the Apple Blossom Festival. Definitely will be taking pictures of that. Does your brother want any visitors? Hope we can bring back more memories of the area for you over the summer.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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