A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flying to Kingston, Ontario

Ruth and I got up at 3:30am this morning, and took Whiskey with us for the drive to Halifax airport. I'm writing this from the lounge in Toronto airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Kingston.

There are a lot of stupid people, and I think many of them were on my first flight this morning. I was assigned seat 32F for this flight. This is a window seat in the very back row. When you're in the waiting area, they announce boarding for the rear seats from rows 22 to 32. So I get up there, and there's a whole line of people, with very few left sitting. I finally get on the plane, and sure enough there were at least a dozen people already sat in the rows 1 through 22. Dummies. No, these were not people who required preboarding assistance, because I watched the one person who went to the desk when they called for that.

Half way there!

Then, I'm sitting right back beside the signs that say "washrooms", you know, the doors with the green or red "occupied" or "vacant" signs on them...I had two different people wander back there and ask me if those were the washrooms. No, that's the cockpit, I said. Too funny.

Anyhow, I'll try and post another update later today, and maybe you'll get one from Ruth at some point in time as she and Whiskey have remained in Nova Scotia for a week until I return.


  1. Ah, don't you just love air travel?? Just makes me want to spit. I almost always wait until the boarding area is just about empty before getting on the plane, and the last couple times I've been seated up near the front. Not sure how that happened, just luck I guess.
    I get slightly annoyed with people who have just a wee bit too much carry-on, so I'd rather simply not witness that whole fiasco. It probably wouldn't go well if I actually came out and told the odd person just how much I'd dearly love for them to just get in their f*****g seat. Best to be avoided.
    So how is Toronto these days? You know the motto for Toronto airport, right?
    "We're not happy, until you're not happy".

  2. Yup, If you want to have a fun time and watch studid people, the airport will never let you down!

  3. Speaking of stupid... and talk about being rude. What is with everybody? Please, emember that not everybody is a "seasoned" traveller like yourselves, so have some grace and be a little kinder. It would make the world a whole lot nicer place to live... and to travel.

  4. You're right, their are people who aren't seasoned travellers but that doesn't mean they can't have common sense...

  5. Finally have WIFI tonite, our last in the US. Got to catch up on all your posts. First of all, congrats Gramma & Gramps!!! So sorry about Whiskey, let us hope that each day is better than the next. I am looking to comparing budgeting re Mexico, give me a week or so. FYI we love the Annapolis area mucho mas!! Hope your visit home is a good one!! Oh yes....yeah ADSENSE!!!!

  6. See here's the thing, Mr/Ms. "Nony Moose", (sure is convenient to hide behind that Anonymous thing, isn't it?) Of course, I'm referring to Nony Moose number one.
    Number two: I agree.

    If you get on the plane and then decide that that's the time you should then take off your coat, or fiddle with your carry-on, or find your glasses (how long have you needed glasses??) when you really should have thought about that back in the terminal, when there's another 185 passengers waiting to get in their seats? That has nothing to do with being a "seasoned traveller" as you so eloquently put it. That's just not too bright.
    And inconsiderate of your fellow passengers, I might add.
    Like Kevin said, "there are a lot of stupid people".
    That's why I'd just as soon wait at the gate instead of standing in the jet way or the isle of the plane while inconsiderate passengers finally figure out what needs to happen before they can get themselves in their seats. Common sense is in desperate short supply in these situations, but like they say, "you just can't fix stupid".

    So avoidance is the key.

    And yes..here's your sign!

  7. Well this turned into a nice healthy discussion! I only posted it because it was something that crossed my mind. And I found it funny, but I guess we all have different senses of what's funny and what's not. That's what makes the world go 'round...

    But we have to keep things civil around here because we don't want to get to the point of having to delete posts or preapprove comments.

  8. Oh, and Bob I totally agree with you about the "anonymous" comments. If your going to say something critical, at least say it with conviction and put your name behind it!

  9. Here here. And I probably should just stick to ranting on my own blog, but I just couldn't help myself. I appreciate the hospitality.
    Oh, and congratulations on becoming new Grandparents.

  10. Contessa...I know what it's like trying to catch up on blogs with limited internet access and time. Thanks for the congratulations. we are enjoying Cameron and love being Grandparents.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  11. No, that's the cockpit!!...too funny! Congrats on the grandchild!


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