A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pouring rain

Yesterday morning, we did some groceries and Lindsey came with us so that we could drop our little car off at Justin’s cousin’s place. They actually have a nice spot where we could park up with Sherman for a few days as well, so we’ll take advantage of that when we return.

Also, I contacted a few couchsurfing hosts and had responses from a couple of possibilities who have also said we could park up for a few days in the area. This is good because we don’t want to overstay our welcome at any one place! Most of the time we hope to be off exploring, but when we come back to visit Lindsey, Justin, and Cameron, it will be nice to have some options.

Cameron's first visit in the motorhome!

We put in another $70 worth of propane as we headed out of town. And the propane place let us use their water supply to fill up the fresh water tank that was getting very low. So now Sherman is a happy camper, and so are we because we have heat and water!

Heading out the Annapolis Valley

It turned into a nice sunny afternoon, but it was cool and very windy. I had scoped out a possible overnight spot using Google Maps near the town of Morden overlooking the Bay of Fundy. After we got through the village, it became a dirt road and started getting fairly narrow, but then we came to our destination just as the road ended. Actually, the road did continue on, but there was a sign that said “road closed”. There was one car parked where we wanted to be, so we just made room off to the side and waited until he left. Then, we got ourselves set up.

Notice Sherman at the bottom of the hill. We are actually walking up the part that was "closed".

GPS location N45.08877 W64.97153

Nice view out our side window

Going for a walk after dinner

Nice scenery, but it was so cold and windy! 

It was a really nice spot for boondocking, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a rig much bigger than ours, and certainly not if you’re towing. And it might be a little busier during the summer, but maybe not. And if you head here to overnight, make sure you take the route going through the village of Morden.

We had a very peaceful sleep there last night, but it’s pouring rain this morning. And, we were out of range for our mi-fi cellular internet, so we’ve already headed inland a little bit to find some unsecured wi-fi and be able to post this blog. Not sure what we’ll do today because it’s not the nicest for travelling. Actually, it’s not the nicest for anything unless you're a duck!  And of course we’re not getting any solar power either. But you know what they say…a bad day RV’ing is far better than a good day at work!

Only had to do 50 kms (30 miles) today to get to our overnight boondocking GPS location N45.08877 W64.97153 


  1. Looks like you found a nice overnight spot, too bad it still isn't spring in Canada,We are having the same kind of day here in MO. Heavy thunderstorms, and an all day warning about hail and winds. I had the slide out on the trailer yesterday while I was working on it to give me more room, but I put it in, and then this morning after Donna went off to work I pulled my truck in her stall in the garage just in case that hail came. My sons race car has spent the winter in my stall, be glad to reclaim my spot soon.We are thinking of a Mi-Fi with a booster attached to my nigh band radio antenna I use for my scanner, the Verizon showed me a coverage map and it pretty well covers the US but I didn't see much in Canada or Mexico. Like I've said I have had good luck finding free WI-FI at McDonalds and Motels when I am in no wi-fi camp areas.Hope Whiskey is doing better. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. I totally love that view! How you find these places is beyond me. You always seem to luck out.
    Drive safe!
    (totally agree on the motto of the bad day RVing being better than a day at work!)


  3. Love your spot despite the weather. Good place to cozy up with a book. We have no choice but to be back here as we still "work". Only thing is most of the photography is weather based!!! Now we wait for the sun.

  4. Can't believe you're that close to Margaretville, where I spent the first ten years of my life! Of course, we never called it "Margaretsville", (with the "s") and you didn't want to get my old Man started on why there shouldn't be any "s" in Margaretville! Whatever!
    I still refer to it as Margaretville out of habit I suppose.
    There are a couple of my siblings (who spent more years there than I did) who still refer to it as "Maggotville" but hey, I was a little kid, so I guess my memories were considerably fonder than those of my older siblings. Besides, we do have relatives there after all. Geez.
    I don't see you sticking your toes into the bay there? C'mon! It must be at least eight degrees! Won't get much warmer come summer time either, so you may as well go in now and get it over with!


  5. What a great boondock site! I loved your final comment, "A bad day rv-ing is better than a good day at work". I'll remember that one.

  6. great looking boondock site... if I am ever there I may still try to squeeze in the 37 footer...

  7. Sam and Donna...It was a great spot, too bad it was so windy. We like our little MiFi except in some of these little communities we aren't picking up a signal. It is great to pick up free WiFi at fast food locations, hotels and public libraries when we are travelling but if we don't have it where we are camped it would be difficult to go to these places as we don't have a toad that we can just hop in and go, that's where the MiFi comes in.

    WBY...It was beautiful and quiet at this spot. We love spots like this. Kevin uses google earth to find some of these spots.

    Contessa...Yup, it was a great place to cuddle up and read. If the wind hadn't been so strong it would have been quite nice out.

    Bob...Sorry Bob but you aren't going to see us sticking our feet in the water, you may not see that even in the summertime. The Atlantic/Bay of Fundy is just way to cold here for that at lest for us!

    Malone...Thanks, and at this time of the year we just make good of a bad situation (the weather!)

    heyduke50...You might just do it, if it isn't busy here.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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