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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A farmers field near Sanchez Magallanes

Sunday December 7…9:30pm

So besides being a dirty beach with lots of bugs, it was also not a nice place to sleep. Quite a few cars drove up with music blaring loudly at all hours of the night. And lots of dogs barking. Oh well.

We left around 8am and drove back about 15 km’s (10 miles) to where we had seen a sign saying “Playa (beach) 2 km’s”. The road went through a little village and eventually we came to a laneway with another sign saying “Playa”. But it was just a narrow lane, so we parked the motorhomes at the side of the road and Steve and I walked in to check it out. The lane ended at a ranch house with a bunch of cows beside it. The rancher said we had to go through the cow pasture to get to the beach and proceeded to open the gate so that we could walk down there with him. Beyond the pasture, there is a 5 minute walk through some palm trees, and then the beach. He said we could park in his pasture overnight for 50 pesos each. ($4.75 CAN, $3.80 US)

The beaches of Mexico are all public property. However access to the beach is not always easy. In this particular situation, the rancher owns the land next to the beach and has built a very basic pathway leading to the beach. You could actually drive all the way in a 4x4, however not in the motorhomes.

Sherman driving through the cow pasture, to the field beyond

We decided to give it a try for the night. If nothing else, it should be very peaceful. We are far away from any roads and there don’t seem to be too many bugs. So we drove the motorhomes through the ranchers yard and his cow pasture, and are parked up beside the palm trees. We went for a nice walk on the beach and then came back to all the cows wandering around the motorhomes. It was funny.

Steve, Kevin and Whiskey on the pathway to the beach

Ruth, Steve, Whiskey and Glen on the beach which we had to ourselves

Parked in the farmers field

While sitting outside, the rancher and some of his family came down. He had a huge machete with him and proceeded to have one of his young sons climb up one of the palm trees and get some coconuts. He then used his machete to cut into the coconuts just enough to make a small hole to get at the juice. It was very sweet tasting. He did one for each of us, including Whiskey! Turns out that Whiskey likes coconut juice.

Manuel bringing us a fresh cut coconut

We've all got coconuts including Whiskey

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…410

December Fuel $142.50 CAN

December Grocery $ 64.92 CAN

December Overnight costs $ 45.05 CAN

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