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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another spot near Puerto Ceiba

Wednesday December 10…11:00pm

Not a bad nights sleep, but we decided to move on anyhow. It was going to be a really hot day, because the temperature inside Sherman at 8:00am was already 26C (80F).

We took a different route out of this beach area, because the road we came in on was really just a dirt path. Steve had walked further on last night and thought that there was a paved road out the opposite way. Sure enough there was, and when we came to the next intersection we turned left because we wanted to head further east. This took us to a village not much further on, but it was on a small peninsula, and this was as far as you could go. We turned back and past the intersection we had come from in order to get on the proper road. Only about 20 km’s (12 miles) on we came to another intersection where Glens guide book said there should be another nice beach if we turned left, but there was no sign. Glen and Steve were in front of us and continued through the intersection, only to see the sign pointing towards the beach that you would have seen if you were headed in the opposite direction. Not much traffic, so they backed up into the intersection and headed back towards the coast. It was only a few km’s to the beach and it even had a decent parking area where we could camp for a night or two.

This section of the coast is not touristy at all. Actually, there are no tourists from outside the country…this is (or has been) a spot where Mexican tourists would come. But most of the restaurants and guest houses have been abandoned, we think because they simply get tired of having to rebuild everything every time a hurricane comes through here. It’s obvious that they don’t see any “white” tourists, and certainly not many motorhomes…EVERYBODY stops and stares at us as we drive through the villages. This coast is not popular with motorhomers for some reason. The pacific coast, right down to Mazatlan, has a lot more RV parks.

So we were parked up at our new location by about 9:30am. After we got set up, I dragged out our damaged steps. I wanted to decide now whether or not they were salvageable, because they weigh about 100 pounds and I didn’t want to be carrying them around in the back compartment only to find out they couldn’t be repaired anyhow. I tried to dismantle the separate steps, and managed to get one apart, but not the other. The brackets are made of very strong steel, and it would have to be heated in order to straighten them properly. Even then, I decided there were not good odds that the main hinges would ever straighten properly. I made the decision to leave them behind at this stop. We consider this type of damage to be one of the costs you may expect in doing the type of dry camping (boondocking) that we occasionally do. Life goes on.

Harry and Sherman parked up for a few days at Playa Azul

My poor steps!

It was a very hot morning, but by after lunch the wind had picked up. Ruth and I took Whiskey for a walk along the beach, and by the time we turned to come back it had become quite cloudy and we felt a few drops of rain. The wind stayed right through the evening, and it even cooled down quite a bit.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…413

December Fuel $180.50 CAN

December Grocery $ 100.05 CAN

December Overnight costs $ 49.80 CAN

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