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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Mexico

Thursday December 25…10:30pm

Ruth put a chicken in the oven this morning, in order for us to have our Christmas meal at lunchtime. She made stuffing, and roast potatoes with it and it was really good. We shared with Steve and Glen, and they shared with us. We had such a feast, and then only needed a snack early in the evening.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dessert

Ruth put some of her cookies and brandy balls into a piece of foil and we brought them over to the Mayan family who live here. The little girl, Lianna, saw us coming, and ran over and grabbed Ruth’s hand to lead her to her Mom. Later, Lianna showed up at our doorstep with a typical Mayan meal for us that we figured was some kind of tamale wrapped in banana leaves and tied up nicely. It had some chicken in it, and that was in some kind of jellied rice sauce. We haven’t quite figured it out. Ruth didn’t like it much, and I didn’t want to spoil my Christmas dinner, so I have saved the rest for my lunch for tomorrow.

Our gift from the Mayan family


We rode our bikes in to the local village. It seemed like half the town was drunk because of Christmas celebrations. We had bought a long distance phone card, but this village didn’t have one of those kind of phones. Even with the phone card, it costs $0.50 CAN per minute to call Canada. The only phone they have here is in the village store, and it’s just a regular phone. The guy behind the counter told me how much it was, but it didn’t compute in my mind. I was expecting 15 cents a minute, but it was 15 PESOS per minute. Our 20 minute phone call cost 300 pesos ($28.50 CAN, $22.80 US)! Oh well, it was for Christmas.

Played euchre, and watched a movie in the evening.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…428

December Fuel $323.00 CAN

December Grocery $222.70 CAN

December Overnight costs $113.45 CAN

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