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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

City of Campeche (day 2)

Tuesday December 16…10:45pm

We didn’t have the best sleep last night because it was hot and muggy, and at 5:30am or so we were woken up by workmen painting the curbs in the parking lot. Fortunately, this didn’t last long and we managed to get back to sleep for a bit longer. Steve and Glen joined us at the tourist info carpark in Campeche at about 8am this morning.

We spent the day walking around town. It was very hot and muggy, so I went back to the motorhome several times to check on Whiskey and make sure she had enough ventilation and water. She was fine.

Kevin, Steve and Ruth standing under Puerta de Mar (Sea Gate)

A narrow street in old town Campeche

Christmas decorations and palm trees

Nice colourful houses

We had lunch at a little Chinese buffet beside the main square. Funny place to have chinese food, but it was good. And imagine a restaurant that charges $1.50 for a bottle of beer. The total lunch for the two of us, at an all you can eat, was 175 pesos including my beer. That’s $16.60 CAN, or $13.50 US.

We had planned on seeing either the parade or the sound and light show this evening, but neither one of them came through for us. We tried the sound and light show at 8pm, but they wanted 50 pesos each, and it seemed pretty mickey mouse, so we headed back to the parade which was supposed to also start at 8pm…only to find out it was at 5pm, and we missed it then.

These little girls are dressed in traditional Mexican dresses. You can see how proud their mother was that we wanted a picture!

We ended up back at the motorhome by 8:30pm, and we were tired from all our walking today so we didn’t go to the free Cuban jazz show we were planning on seeing at 9pm.

Tomorrow at 7am, we will head to the Walmart supercenter just down the road and do a decent grocery shop. Then, it’s off towards the ruins at Uxmal and maybe some caves if we make the time.

We may not have any more internet until we get to the city of Merida, which should be this coming weekend.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…419

December Fuel $275.50 CAN

December Grocery $ 100.05 CAN

December Overnight costs $ 49.80 CAN

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