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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sanchez Magallanes

Saturday December 6…6:30pm

I’m writing the journal early tonight, because I know I’m just not going to feel like it later!

Today wasn’t a great day.

We did wake up with the birds, at about 6:15am. Spent about 2 hours getting ready to go. Had some breakfast, emptied the tanks, filled the freshwater tank. And we got on the road about 8:15am.

The first part went fairly well. Getting from Lake Catemaco to Acayucan was on a scenic road that was in fairly good shape. But we took the free road from Acayucan to Cosqleacaque instead of the toll road and although we saved about $10 in toll fees, it was slow going with lots of heavy traffic and lots of topes (speed bumps).

After that, we took the toll road around Coatzacoalcos (we just call it coca-colas) and then headed on a side road towards the coast. This road was not in good shape, but the beach it drove beside was beautiful. The problem was that there was no access to the beach. We drove for about 24 km’s (15 miles) from the town of Sanchez Magallanes only to find out that the road has been washed out from whatever hurricane passed through here at some point in time. Steve and Glen tried the path that went around that section, only to be told that it is totally impassable about 2 miles further on.

The road goes no further!

So we managed to get turned around, and headed back that 24 km’s and got parked up for free beside a restaurant on the beach.

It took us 6 hours to travel 240 km’s (150 miles).

And this spot has a beautiful beach, but it’s so loaded with garbage it’s unbelievable. I have never seen so much garbage on a beach. People just don’t seem to care in this area. And there are sand fleas, no see ums, and mosquitoes. We’ll be gone first thing in the morning!

Beach where we parked up for the night.  Quite pretty if not for all the garbage strewn everywhere

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…409

December Fuel $142.50 CAN

December Grocery $ 64.92 CAN

December Overnight costs $ 40.30 CAN

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