The beach at Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico. Photo taken yesterday!
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico.

Where are they going next? Color Marino RV Park, Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Arriving Saturday afternoon for a three night stay!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Not one of our better decisions...

Yesterday, the original plan was to ride the bikes the 10 kms (6 miles) into the town of Teacapan. But speaking to the manager here at Color Marino Hotel and Trailer Park made us change our minds. He said that the road is busy on a Sunday, and there are no shoulders so to be very careful. So we asked about taking the bus. Yes, we could walk the 2 kms to the main road and flag the bus when it comes along.

In typical Kevin and Ruth fashion, we decided to walk all the way to Teacapan along the beach, and then take the bus back. We only made one mistake.

We thought we could walk that 10 kms (6 miles) in our sandals. And our bare feet.

Heading out at 11:30am, we were all smiles.

Looking back at where we came from. You can walk for miles on this beach.

Just us, and the pelicans.

Kevin, taking a break.

Before we sat down here, we had been walking in bare feet. You can see the sandals sitting on the log beside me because I had been carrying them. The sand is hard packed, in fact I think we probably could have ridden our bikes on the beach most of the way. Anyhow, when we got up, I felt that tingling, burning feeling on one heel. Like I had a blister starting or something.

The fin of a dolphin.


We think this was a dolphin.

A sand dollar.

Finally, we made it around to the cove where Teacapan is.

Our feet were sore by this point. Especially my one heel. But, we couldn't just turn around! No choice but to keep going. Man, did I want my hiking boots!

Nice little beaches at Teacapan.

Iguana enjoying the sun.

Some expensive homes at this end of the beach coming into town.

Nice place.

Ruth, checking the licence plate. It was British Colombia.

One of the things we wanted to do is to check out other RV Parking possibilities in the area. We've heard that Color Marino is the best, but it's also 10 kms outside of town.

We walked by this one little lot that had one RV parked up. Turns out there are 4 RV sites, but no sign or anything saying that they were available. Only one old sign saying that it was for sale. 
Want to buy a four site RV Park?

Here is another RV parking possibility.

The only problem was, our feet were done. We honestly didn't have the ambition to walk down the road to check the place out! Stupid.

As we came into town, we saw some baseball being played. Turns out they have a nice little baseball stadium here in Teacapan!

It cost us 10 pesos ($0.78 CAD) each to get in.

Quite a few people enjoying the game.

We sat for about 45 minutes and enjoyed watching the game. Plus, it was comfortable in the shade and our feet enjoyed the break.

Can you fit any more people in a pickup truck?

We went and had some lunch. Found a roast chicken place where the lady gave us a half chicken, rice, and tortillas for 45 pesos ($3.50 CAD). That's total, not each!

Then, we found the spot to wait for the bus. It finally came, and it cost 15 pesos each to get back to the entrance to the hotel and RV Park. Then, we still had to walk the two kms (1.3 miles) down the dirt road to the motorhome. Man, it felt good to sit down and crack open a beer!

We soaked our feet for a half an hour and that felt good. Feeling even better today, but we won't be going for any walks this afternoon.

And that's okay, because today is another driving day. We've got 323 kms (200 miles) planned, so that's probably a five hour drive if we went straight through. So we better get going!

Sunset from our front window.

It's not often that Adobe Photoshop comes on sale at this price. Today only...a fantastic price.

And in Canada, there are four different deals of the day today...


  1. Anxious to see there again. Note to self: don't walk to town!

    1. Not with sandals, anyhow. We would have been fine with our hiking boots!

  2. Wow. I'm exhausted just reading about your trek into town and my feet are aching in sympathy! Enjoy today...and please... NO walking. I can't take it!

    1. The hike itself wasn't exhausting but it was hard on our feet because of not being used to walking that far in barefeet/flip flops, had we been in our hikers it would have just been another hike. Our feet were fine the next day though! :-)

  3. I will be interested to see if you drive thru Mazatlan on a holiday which also happens to be Semena Santa or take the new small toll bypass.

    Sorry about the feet. I think you do have to build up walking barefoot on the beach.

    1. Nope didn't drive thru Mazatlan, wasn't even in the plans even if it wasn't Semana Santa. It is just less headache to take the toll road around and it isn't too expensive either. We will be doing it again for another section today as it just makes more sense too.

      The feet recovered very quickly, as they felt much better yesterday, no blisters thankfully!

  4. Once you get your bare feet to walking in sand/dirt, it will automatically adjust to it's harsh environment over time :-) I think REI has some sort of gel you can put on bare feet to keep them from getting blisters. These pictures are the clear it almost felt like I was on the beach myself.

    1. Yes this is true, we just didn't think about it when we left for our walk. Walking in barefeet/flip flops is definitely not the same as with hikers on. Our feet felt much better yesterday and there are no blisters. We will have to remember this for the next time we decide to go for a long walk on the beach! ;-)

  5. The beach can be hell on feet. Good thing you guys are used to walking or you would have ended up cabbing it back.

    1. Yes, we realize that now! :-)

      It was always in the plans to take the bus back so thankfully we didn't have to walk both ways because we would never have been able to make it.

  6. Oh my yes, 6 miles in anything but really strong shoes would be terrible. Glad you made it. That sure is a beautiful beach! I'd want to walk it too but probably not for 6 miles in my bare feet.

    1. We are just so used to walking that we never even thought about how our feet would react to walking the sand with our barefeet or flip flops. What we should have done was ride our bikes on the beach instead of the road, as the sand was very hard packed and would have been great for riding on, maybe next time. :-)

  7. Well live and learn I don't walk any further than a couple hundred yards in my sandals anymore. Good shoes or boots for me.

    1. Yep, hopefully it will be a lesson that we will remember for the next time! :-)

  8. You both inspire me a lot. Your personal stories actually forces me to read full article. Please keep sharing cause I just love reading and commenting on them.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. We are glad to hear that we inspire you and we hope that it makes you get out and do the things that you wish to do in life as well. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our blog, we love hear from our readers.

  9. The good news is your heels are now as smooth as a baby's behind, lol.

    1. Yes, they are pretty smooth now but only on the actual soles of our feet! ;-)


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