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Monday, July 8, 2024

No problem staying busy here! Especially with a motorhome project to work on...

Instead of writing a blog post first thing this morning, I was outside before 8:00am in order to take advantage of the cooler morning weather. The project today was to replace the old Fantastic Vent Van in Igor's living area.

The fan still worked, but the plastic had turned all yellow and while the previous owner had replaced the vent lid, they never did actually repair the leaks.

How did they replace the vent lid? Well, with duct tape of course! Isn't that the way to replace a vent lid? Of course it's not. But it seems that anything they did, they didn't do properly.

They had a brand new vent lid being held onto the old fan with duct tape!

I would have to clean off the tape residue and caulking from the roof.

Their "repair" was so laughable. I got right into it and never took a photo, but I should have. I was able to remove it okay, but I was left with a real mess trying to remove the duct tape residue and had to go out to Home Depot and buy some Goo Gone adhesive remover. That stuff sure works great!

But, by 11:00am it was too hot outside. I'll go back out and finish the job later this afternoon when the sun goes around to the other side of the house. I remember why we don't miss living here. It's only 29C (84F) outside this afternoon, which is pretty typical for July in Ottawa... but it's so humid. You just drip with sweat trying to do anything outside.

We spent some time at my mother's yesterday with my older sister. Going through a lot of her stuff that won't fit into the smaller apartment that she's moving to three floors down. She won't be making any of her own meals any longer, so she doesn't need much in the way of kitchen items either. Fortunately, it looks like we should have access to the new apartment by the end of this week and she doesn't have to be out of her old one until the end of the month. So we won't have to move everything all at once.

Oh, and we stopped by my old neighborhood to see the house I grew up in. 

This is the house I grew up in.

The tree outside is massive! And while the house is about 64 years old, the tree is not. I remember that the trees on the street were replaced by the city (perhaps more than once) because they didn't do very well. This one was planted maybe 30 years ago, so it's not really all that old... but it sure is big!

I spoke to one of the neighbours across the street. She's been there 11 years or so, and looked after one of the last of the original buyers from when the houses were built new around 1960. She moved out three years ago at age 89. So, none of my original neighbours are there anymore, except for the son of one of them who bought out the house from his siblings after the parents passed away. Unfortunately he wasn't home.

Heading over to see mom again this afternoon.

Tile-Mate Bluetooth Tracker. Record low deal!

And in Canada...


  1. Very nice home. Brick has always been a favorite of mine. I replaced the vent fan a few years ago.

    1. Kevin's family sure enjoyed the house when they were living there. It is a nice community to grow up in.

      When you have a unit long enough, it is only a matter of time before it needs to be changed.


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