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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Getting Igor ready to go

Good thing I got the vent replaced which fixed that major water leak coming from Igor's roof. The remnants of hurricane Beryl are coming through southern Ontario today, and they are calling for heavy rain for about 4 hours starting around 10:00am.

There are still some very minor leaks coming from the windows on the side of the muffin top (that's what Airstream B-160 enthusiasts call the fiberglass roof) but I don't have a ladder. That can wait until we are at Lindsey's next month. 

Yesterday, I tested out two of the appliances... with good news results!

There are four appliances that run off propane... the fridge, the oven/stove, the furnace, and the hot water heater. The fridge and the oven/stove are the most important to us. So that's where I started.

The oven is missing the rack. And the rack is obsolete, although available from specialty shops. At a price!

But before I ordered one, I wanted to make sure that the oven and stove are working properly and that I wouldn't need to put more money into it than just buying a new rack. I had seen a used oven/stove assembly for sale used in this area out of a 2015 5th wheel, and the price was very reasonable, so that was going to be my back up plan if I found more problems.

I opened the main propane valve and ran one of the stovetop burners. It took five seconds or so for the gas flow to reach it, but it worked perfectly. Then I turned on the pilot light for the oven and it lit right away. And I turned on the oven, and the burner lit perfectly. Looking in the oven, and at the burner itself, I'm pretty confident that the oven has never been used! Other than for storage, which is what many RV'ers use their RV oven for. But Ruth actually uses the oven quite a bit, and it's actually one of our requirements when owning an RV.

So, that's good news and I have already ordered the new oven rack... for $48 CAD ($35 USD). But it's being shipped from the U.S., so we'll see what happens! Hopefully it goes smoothly.

With propane in the lines, I now turned to the fridge/freezer. It's a 1993, so the propane operations on the fridge are more manual... the automatic ones like we had in Sherman didn't start until a couple of years later. Anyhow, I removed the access panel from the outside of the burner so I could see if it needed to be cleaned, and it was perfect. This van must have been plugged into electric most of the time. Anyhow, I went inside and turned everything on and pressed the ignition and propane buttons together four or five times. I didn't hear anything, so when I went outside to check the burner again, I was surprised that it was operating perfectly!

So, more good news.

Meanwhile, Ruth was busy with the Spray Nine cleaning the front seats. They were in overall good condition, but the sides and back are all white, and hadn't been properly cleaned in a long time.





Wow, what a difference. 

Next project is to properly secure some of the inside cabinet doors that have missing or broken hardware. I noticed while driving up here that a couple of them fly open if you go around a corner. Probably going to have to order some hardware or go to Home Depot!

Record low deal on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

And in Canada...

Nice price drop on Apple Airpods 2nd Generation.


  1. Good job on the seats Ruth! We had three rvs with ovens and used them a lot, especially in the winter. A few stuffed chickens at Thansgiving and Christmas! I wish we had one now. I never knew how to describe th "muffin top". I used to say it was like the top on a 190 class b. I think that was an Econoline.

    1. Thanks Chris! The Spray Nine made the job quite a bit easier but it still did require a bit of muscle power too.

      Same with us, every unit we have owned has had an oven in it and yes, it is nice to have in cold weather because when it is in use it helps to heat up the rest of the motorhome.

      Now, you know what to call the top part of these vans. :-)


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