Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Not sure why we get so ripped off here in Canada...

Spent a couple of hours yesterday with my mom going over some financial things and figuring out her change of address stuff. Of course the post office will do an address redirect for you, but it's not cheap... so the most logical thing to do is proactively change all of the addresses yourself, which of course you would have to do anyhow. But man, it sure is time consuming!

Then back to the house to finish my project.

With the late afternoon sun now on the other side of the house, Igor was totally in the shade, including the roof. Much better than trying to do this in the direct sun! I installed the butyl tape on the underside of the lip on our new Maxxair Vent Fan, and set it into place.

I don't have any power tools, so I'm doing all of this with hand tools. Oh well... it's good exercise! I managed to get every one of the 16 screws through the fiberglass roof and into the wood without having to drill any holes. I was kind of surprised by that, but it worked!

Job complete!

I used a whole tube of Dicor Self Levelling Caulking. Man, they don't give that stuff away. I remember when I worked at the RV dealership in Kingston back in 2011, and they were about $12 CAD a tube... now, it's $24 a tube, plus tax so $29 CAD. I see it's $13 USD, ($18 CAD) in the U.S... not sure why we get so ripped off on this kind of stuff here in Canada, but that's the way it is.

They don't give away the butyl tape either, which coincidentally also comes to $29 CAD for one roll, but at least I have enough left over to do the windows when I get to it. I don't have a proper ladder, so that will have to wait until we're at Lindsey's next month.

We stopped in to do more grocery shopping. It's a little tough because we have to share the fridge and freezer with our roommates here so we can't really stock up on very much. It doesn't take long for our single shelf to become full! But, we're back into our more normal routine of shopping the flyers and buying specials. We managed to get both pork chops and lean ground beef on a good sale price, and then I had a $10 off Air Miles credit I could use at that store as well. Not bad. 

But, we're already up to $311 CAD in grocery expenses for the month and it's only the 9th. Yikes.

We're enjoying the company of the girl who is from Mexico. Her name is Vana. She just wants to be called Van though. Ruth found a package of 18 corn tortillas for $3 and bought them for her as a surprise. She made us some chicken tinga tacos with them!

Tinga tacos de pollo con crema! Muy rico!

They were yummy!

Great deal on this SONY Bluetooth Speaker.

And in Canada...

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